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Barn where are you?

I have good news. I have lost 5.5 lbs since I started following your advice. You are the best. I am sooooo happy and so motivated to try this again. This time there is no stopping me. I am also checking into a 1/2 marathn here in Houston. I go to a meeting this Saturday to get all the details. Will keep you posted.
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Jesus, nice work, misscloey! You go!  Man, I love hearing this. You've made me very happy. Sometimes it's frustrating being the lone voice. On the low-carb forums, it's like preaching to the choir, but when you go outside those venues to the "mainstream" sites, like these, it's very gratifying to see people following it and having success.  

I am THRILLED - THRILLED - for you!  

Check further down in this forum, there is a poster named Deneciee who has also lost 10 pounds in a couple of weeks on low-carb.  

I'm so proud of you,  misscloey. You took action and are having success. That's wonderful.  I think the half-marathon is a great place to start. The training alone will get you in amazing shape. You can always walk parts of the race. No shame in that. There will be many others at your level there. You might make some new friends.

(raises glass) Congratulations!  Don't go away, now. Stay and post your progress!  
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I also find your posts very helpful and inspiring, mainly because you speak straight forward and with knowlege, even though right that I am pregnant I really got OUT!! of my regular zero carb lifestyle, which really allow me to have plenty of energy as one of the many benefits...because I most say that eating close to zero carb goes beyond the "how you look" thing, there are plenty of studies on how our body process food and where do we get the energy from, and fat is the best source, especially knowing that our requirements for glucose are not that high, and the bosy can make it in the liver by glucogenesis.
Anyway...I love your posts and keep sharing your experience, since I really find it very useful.
Thanks and take care.
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Thanks for your support. It is so needed, and appreciated too! I will keep you posted on my progress and success. I have no doubt that I will be successful. I have made up my mind that this is it. You are such an inspiration, I really admire you, even though we don't always see eye to eye. You have been the single most inspiring person I have come accross in my journey for this elusive weight loss. I have been to clinics, dieticians, doctors and everything in between. I have spent probably thousands of dollars and you have probably been right here the whole time. Sheesh, what an idiot I have been. I have always thought that I was doing everything right to lose the weight. I truly believe that it is the NO CARB thing that has kicked my metabolism in high fat burn mode. I WAS exercising, I WAS eating healthy (with some carbs, whole wheats, and some fruits) but, this is it, I have hit the jackpot. I really don't miss much of anything I used to eat (except apples and berries) but, once I get where I want to be I will add in these yummy fruits. I REALLY can't express enough how much your advice and support has meant to me Barn. You're the best!Talk to you soon.      
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Misscloey, my partner and I just signed up for the San Francisco Marathon at the end of July.  He'll do the half and I'm doing the full. I want to BQ this year (Boston Qualify) and I was going to wait until December at the Sacramento Marathon (flat), but I'm going to give San Francisco a try and see if I can BQ earlier than December. If I can't do it this time, nothing lost.  : )

I'm saddened by so many folks following the "mainstream" advice to lose weight, because it doesn't work. It's just shameful how much we've been misled by the scientists, researchers, and medical community about carbohydrate intake and high-carb diets.

I know you'll be successful, and I encourage you to keep exercising; I think you'll find that races are really enjoyable.
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Good Luck, I know you will succeed. The 1/2 marathon I found is here in Houston and it is called "Team in Training" it raises money for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. This is the first one for me and I thought I may as well raise some money for a good cause. I am always cautious about these fundraiser type of deals, but after some investigating this one seems legit.
Besides, it will be a damn good experience for me, if I can only walk it, so be it. I just want to finish to prove to myself that I can. I have lost another 3 lbs since last post. Feeling GREAT and very determined at this point. You are absolutely right about how seeing results immediately only drives you harder to continue. Good luck to you and your partner on the SF Marathon, I cannot think of a more beautiful place to run. Sacramento is my home town, so of course I love it there too. If you don't make it in the San Francisco Marathon I have no doubt you will make it in Sac. I will talk to you soon and keep me posted on your progress as well.    
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Have you thought about doing the MS ride? they ride from Houston to Austin. I don't remember when they do it, but I thought this might be something you might enjoy
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