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Been exercising but not seeing any change!!!

I'm 44 fe, 5'5 and 135lbs. Back 5 yrs ago I weighed 124, was buff from heavy exercising. I went thru premature menopause in my mid 30's. Have had a hard time trying to loose weight I want to get down to within the 120's range.
I'm a vegetarian eating mostly nuts and dried fruit at work and with a regular veggy meal at dinner. I've been increasing my h20 intake. I currently do tae-boe 4 days a week, on the other 3 I do pilates and no exercising on the weekends but do heavy housework. I truly wish to get my physique back but need proper guidence. I have a bowflex machine, treadmill, legpress and lat machine and free weights. My goals: slim down, tone and firm up. I have a belly bulge. I've been exercising for months and haven't seen really any significant changes I'm trying to get some nice definition in my legs. Could use some advice, suggestions. I know changing hormones have played a role but 44 is still quit young and I want to be in peak shape for next summer not for looks but for how good I'll feel again, looking good is a bonus that comes with hard work. How often should I exercise and what forms would be best to meet my goals.
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You seem to have the hard part down. For most people working out is a challenge but you seem to enjoy it which is great. Your body is in equilibrium right now burning as much as it takes in. Probably with minor tweaks to your diet you should be able to start seeing a drop in weight. A pound of weight is approximately 1600 calories. So if you reduce 200 calories a day you should drop a pound every week and a half. Perhaps you could change the nuts and dried fruit to celery and carrots for a few weeks and that should be enough to do it.Fruits can have a lot of sugar and nuts are high in fat.
Hope that helps and let us know how you progress.

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Hi pigster, how are you? Well, you need to plan your weight reduction program in a proper scheduled manner and it is better to plan on a long term basis. It is good to consult a dietician and an gym instructor to draw up your daily work out. You need not restrict on your daily intake of regular diet but can modify the menu to avoid too much of fats and oils. You need to do the exercises very regularly and burn out more calories. It is better to consult and have regular follow up visits with a weight reduction specialist. Take care and share your thoughts.
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Hi.  It is great you are doing pilates!  Builds up that strong core you need to protect you while doing all other physical activity and builds a lot of muscle which burns raises even your resting metabolism.  I would suggest adding some extra cardio to that.   You already have a treadmill go with that.  I just read an article that said short bursts of intense cardio is better at burning fat than a long workout. Maybe try a 20 minute cardio session 3 times a week.  Walk the 1st min., sprint deadout for 2 minutes and repeat 5 times than walk to cool off the remaining 5 min.  Stretch and drink a lot of water after.
Best of luck!
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Hi pigster, how are you? How well are you doing with your exercises? Do it at a same pace and rythm, and very regularly to keep the tone of muscle. A warm up stretches or a brisk walk for few minutes would do. Try to keep your session as per schedule and instuctor advice, do not over do as you may get muscle sore and spasms which can be disturbing. Hope you have been supervised by a trainer? It is important to have a lot of water and fruits. You may gain weight slowly, so do not worry and keep going. Avoid getting stressed. Share your thoughts and take care.
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Hi pigster, how are you, weight loss program should be planned in a proper scheduled manner and on long-term basis. Diet modification and exercise play a vital role in weight loss programme.
Cut down on carbohydrates and fats, increase intake of proteins, fiber, fruits, vegetables, and water and sugar with sugar free substitutes. Cardio work out helps to burn calories, use the treadmill at least 5 times a week for 15-20 minutes per day. Steam bath and body massage are very relaxing, decreases the stress and also helps to shed weight. Monitor weight regularly on alternate days to keep in track and reaching the target weight. Take care.
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