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Belly Fat

What on earth is wrong with me? Here is my situation, I am an avid Mountain Biker who lifts weights regularly and does a cardio daily and Abs on the ab roller 600 on a regular schedule I do all these workouts on a very high level and I can't increase it. Why do I have a pregnant looking belly? I cant get rid of it. I am 29 yrs old. I dont have fat other than that I am very lean. I am not exaggerating either I look 3-4 months pregnant unless I dont eat. This is quit the problem also due to I have a shorter torso so my lower belly looks like it starts right under my ribs.  Could I have some type of medical problem that wouldnt show up in regular checkups including womenly ones? This problem makes my lower back hurt as well. The doctor said I was just retaining water, but seriously I go to the bathroom all the time more than anyone else. I am lactose intollerant so I avoid milk I also avoid bread because it completely guts me out! I am so worn out from this!
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Hi, please don't feel alone in this area. My sister is having almost the same problem. She too is lactose intolerant, she too is young (30) and she also has to avoid breads. She's always been very petite with a big butt. LOL. For almost a year now, after eating she bloats up and looks like she is 3-4 months pregnant also. She has been to her doctor repeatedly and they have done numerous tests, all with normal results. We don't know what this is either, but hopefully someone out there can put a name, cause and cure up for us both. It would be nice to put my sisters mind at ease. Keep the hope and keep on biking! Smile, tomorrows another day!
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We want to add one thing here that you do cannot lose fat only at one area.

With cardio or any form of exercise you lose fat proportionally.

Only for that last toning part ab exercises would be helpful.

You can also try aerobics, floor exercises, swimming, continue your tempo.

Do not worry and avoid fried food, desserts, extra sugars, fast foods etc. Have a balanced diet. Do not smoke or consume alcohol.  Gradually over a period of time you will lose. Take care!
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