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Belly button Hernia?

I went jogging (2.5 miles), did 30 sit ups, didn't notice anything until the next morning. I had very sharp pains in my stomach, I just assumed I pulled a muscle, now I am noticing a bump that was not there, a soft bump. in my belly button. I think I gave myself a hernia. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I can't find anything about it online. Im scared to work my stomach now, I dont want to do any permanent damage.
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Yes, I had an umbilical hernia -- and it is very important that you get into the doctor and have it evaluated.  Sometimes, a hernia can cause strangulation of the bowel, which can eventually kill you, if not appropriately treated.  I had three of them (one umbilical, and two by the testicals).  

Usually, surgery is the primary method of fixing a hernia and it usually costs around $15,000+ to have it fixed.  If you don't have the money to have it fixed, by all means, if you are a US Citizen, check with your local Department of Economic Security (DES) and see if their health insurance program can help you.  In my case, I was a college student (with little money) and they were my only option at the time.  I couldn't work, because the pain was disabling and the hernia was starting to strangle the bowel.

Hope this helps,

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YES.. I did the same to myself while about 25wks pregnant we were moving and I knew I was sore and felt like I had done too much.. and went to my doctor.. seriously he pushed the darn things back in and that HURT big time and now my son is almost a year old and they are back and hurt like hell.. but was told since I am a woman the surgery is not as easy as for men.. any suggestions
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I am a woman,I had an umbilical hernia and my doctors told me nothing like that, they got me into surgery with in a week. Hope all is well, and they have got you fixed up..
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im 17, exercise evreyday and everynight (dancing).
recently about a month again i noticed a lump appear on the right side of my belly button.
i ignored it as i thought it was a knot in my stomach, but today my belly button has changed, it has been pulled up and really hurts.
i havent come on my period either, but ive taken a test and im not pregant.
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You can stop exerting yourself from intense exercise and only do mild walks till properly diagnosed.

You can also make sure if these are not premenstrual symptoms.

Hernias can occur in this area of weakness at any time from birth through late adulthood. As the weakness progressively bulges and opens, abdominal contents are permitted to protrude through. In addition to the navel deformity and an associated bulge, the signs and symptoms include pain at or near the navel area.

It can also be due to endometriosis or any infection, block or strangulation in the intestine which can show up as a pain and bulge in the region of umbilicus or surrounding it.

I would suggest you to go for an ultrasound and follow up with a gastroenterologist for diagnosing it properly and if required go for the surgery.

Take care!
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I have been told I have a belly button hernia what is the surgery
and recovery time is this a simple general surgery outpatient
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