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Best workouts ? 500 calorie diet

i am starting a 500 calorie diet today for a month, what workouts will help shed pounds and firm muscles? Has anyone else done the 500 calorie diet? Tips?!
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-Workout VS calories burned-

★ Hoola Hoop: 7 Calories per minute.

★ Crunches: 60 Calories per 10 minutes moderate pace.

★ Squats: To calculate the amount of calories you burn while doing squats without additional weights, multiply your weight by .096. Take the answer and multiply it by the amount of minutes you perform the exercise. 170 pounds: 244 calories per 15 minutes.

★ House Cleaning: 276 calories per hour, general house cleaning.
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Eat less carbs and high protein, healthy fat, limit your soda intake and drink plenty of water, green tea is proven to boost your metabolism but does not cause weight loss, drink 2/3 8oz cups a day, do not drink more than 3 cups for daily caffeine intake. Stay away from sugar, if possible use a sugar substitute and eat exact serving sizes, I've been using measureing cups.
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I suggest not doing the 500 cal. diet!!

How much protein do you REALLY need?
First of all, protein itself is vital to living. In fact, you could go months, even years without eating carbs  (NOT recommended - of course), and still survive and keep on living.
But if you eliminate protein, it would only take a few weeks before your muscles would atrophy (shrink drastically) and your internal organs would literally start to deteriorate. So, you would start to die.
Too much of a good thing can be harmful. But in most cases, I find the majority of active people don't get enough high quality protein.
If you're exercising intensely on a regular basis your protein demands will be higher than somebody who is sedentary.
Protein works in synergy which means higher protein needs for exercisers who want to lose fat and gain muscle.
Examples, Intense exercisers wanting to burn fat = 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body weight daily.
Intense exercisers wanting to gain muscle = 1.5 grams per pound of lean body weight (larger, more advanced individuals could even go higher)
Moderate exercisers looking to maintain or burn fat = .75 grams per pound of lean body weight.
Sedentary person = .5 grams of protein per pound of lean body weight
It's not an exact science, but it gives you a great guideline to follow without being confused.
Most studies and research done on protein synthesis seems to show that sedentary people really don't need much more than 20 grams per serving.

Make SURE you "Go Alkaline".
If you consume too much protein daily for long periods of time, you can stress out your adrenal glands and overwork your kidneys, while you make your body VERY acidic.
At least two or three times a year, go on a protein "fast" for 2 or 5 days straight, and replace your protein intake with high quality, juicing recipes.
This will filter out your liver and kidneys and give them a much-needed break, which will also help you avoid excessive acidity and high levels of inflammation.
When you keep your body alkaline, you're guaranteed to absorb more of the nutrients your body needs so you continue to lose fat and gain quality muscle.
If you don't make sure to AVOID an acidic environment you'll simply NEVER get results.
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