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Blurred Vision, Shaking, Then a Headache After Exercise

Hi, I am 31, in good condition and I exercise regularily.

Every once in a while I will exercise and after I am done I will shake (mostly my hands), then about an hour or two after I will have blurred vision (i cannot read, watch tv etc...) and then I will have a severe headache for a day or two.

At first I thought that it was because I wasn't eating or drinking enough water before, but I have tried everything and I cannot figure out the pattern. The only thing that I know is that it happens when I exercise too much. The problem is that I never know when that point is.

Can someone please help?????

Thanks in advance.
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You need to see a doctor, those are serious symptoms.
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I did and she told me to drink more water througout the day and I did that and it didn't help. This is why I am posting here....
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I think you need a stress test.

Also she should check your sugar levels.

Good luck, I hope you get bettter.
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Find a new doctor and get a second opinion.

If they give you the same answer get them to explain exactly how not enough water can cause your symptoms.
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I am not aboslutely sure yet if this is the answer, but it sounds like exactly what I have...

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Thanks for all of the help!
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Mori I too have same exact feeling like what you are experiencing after exercise.. that is the reason I stopped exercising.

I recently found some ppl who complaint about this as well..I will link them here.

at least we're not alone. LOL

keep in touch if you find anything. thanks
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I too experience this phenomenon, I have had it happen to me in high school up to my current age which is 25. Usually after intense exercise is when it occurs, I do not believe it can be related to the foods that are eaten as I am on a very strict diet and I drink about a gallon of water or more a day. I have come to think that the issue could be related to blood pressure or a malformed vein or artery in the head or neck. One other possibility is light sensitivity runs in my family and I experience it occassionally, I have wondered if this could be one of the causes as well.

If anyone has found a cure or found exactly what causes this please let me know and if I find out anymore I will post it here as well.
Curious if you found anything out?
Runnergirl---  does this happen to you?  Start a thread and we'll discuss!
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I have had the exact same experience twice this week.  Both after strenuous walks.  My vision was so blurred I could barely see.  Like lots of white lights.  And the first time I almost passed out.  I have HBP and thought it might be a dip in the pressure because I had started exercising and might not need the same dosage of medication.  Now, I am not sure.  A headache followed both occurences.  
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In High Blood Pressure your pressure increases immediately after exercise. Only with long term exercise and diet control with salt restriction and weight reduction your blood pressure may decrease. So you have to exercise/cardio under a trainer in a Gym which is advised for you initially and later you can step up the intensity. Take care!
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I too experienced this after excercising I had blurred vision and a servere headache this happened last week.  I also tried to drink more water, look at diet etc etc...

My blood pressure was checked at it was very high however I was distressed at the time.... I couldn't see properly and it really scared me.

I am 32 years old.  I went to A&E and they did an ECG on my heart all was fine.

I was refered to my GP and he thinks it is an EXCERCISE INDUCED MIGRAINE!  Although I do not suffer from migraines usually.

He has also referred me to the hospital for a CT scan to make sure nothing else is going on.

I will let you know but I am not doing any excercise at the moment until I know what is happening.

I hope this helps

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Just posting because I get this same issue.

The only times I have had it come when playing soccer.  Usually it occurs around the hour 3 mark.   Basically I will get a period of blurred vision towards the end of playing.  I don't feel horrible otherwise when the vision is blurry, although something definitely feels different.  Either way, I stop, drink some fluids and usually try to eat something.  My vision then will return to normal and it will be followed by a HUGE headache.  I become kind of sensitive to light and typically want to go to sleep.

It doesn't happen every single time, and I can sometimes play for months without getting it.

As far as causes, it seems like it has something to do with what I eat.  It also seems to have something to do with light, but I don't know what.  If I play while looking directly into the sun or bright lights, then it tends to happen a majority of those times.

Just adding to the list and it's nice to see other people get it.

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I am a 32 year old woman and I have had this happen to me twice over the last couple years. At the time I used to train really hard with weights and both times it had happened after a hard workout. There was even a time I thought I was going to faint after everything turned white,tingly, and blurry. When I finally made it home I was trying to read something but I couldn't read anything because the right half of all the words were missing! Like I couldn't see them. Then I saw a strange squiggly line in my right eye's vision.

When I asked my doctor about it she said it sounded like an optical migraine. With these you usually don't get a headache afterwards but it can happen! I think what you're describing sounds alot like what I experienced, I'd suggest to take the workouts down a notch because you may be straining too much.

Also, have you had your blood pressure checked? I've developed hypertension and always wondered if these two things were related in some way. Well, good luck I hope you can get it figured out, take care!
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i am a 56 yr old female that rides horses...sometimes when i ride..within an hour i get the squiggly lines in my vision. when i get home i drink juice and that seems to take care of the issue...it doesnt occur everytime, but especially when it is hot and i have a "hard" workout. i had stress tests, etc last summer and all is well. i figured my blood sugar just bottomed. ???
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Do not delay.. Everyone here who spoke of vision changes after exercise or movement. Go to an ophthalmologist for a complete eye exam. My son at 20, had this happen. In the exam they saw his optic nerves were both inflamed  which indicates high inter-cranial pressure in the spinal column or brain.  This is an emergency.  He was told to go to the ER right away or they would call 911.He was admitted to the hospital to be checked for a tumor or pseudo tumor. Other things such as meningitis,  infections, MS can also present this way. Because he delayed going, he woke up with partial vision loss. Many Cat scans, spinal tap, MRI's and MRA's later and his vision is returning. Best wishes to all.
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blood sugar ,low, hypoglycemia ...eat some protein before exercise ,the symptoms sound like that, google hypoglycemia  
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I too experience this feeling post work out.

Maybe what we can do is find similarities amongst us and maybe diagnos without diagnosing if you know what I mean.

I am 6'2" male caucassion fare skin,  I have rosacea, I am fit eat fairly healthy, intense work outs do it to me.  Blurred vision head ache that last a while sometimes into the next day.  I am 33.

See if any of this is similar and maybe we can find out a cure or solution.
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I too experience this feeling post work out.

I am 72"  male african american light skin 170LBs. Decent condition with eating and exercising. I drank 1/2 bottle of water this morning, eat banana and bread at 0930 and then workout at 1100. Blur then headache came at 1300. I normally fight these off though. by 1600 I was better again.
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I'm an 18 year old female and I have had all of these symptoms. I'm taking a PE class in college right now and the past two times I've gone to class, I've had to leave early or sit out because I had a white blurr where I couldn't see at all. Then followed by shaking and a serious headache. I'm very nervous as to what this could be because I eat before class and drink a lot of water before and during. Any more Ideas? I'm going to visit the doctor tomorrow to see if I can get an answer.
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obviously im writing here becaause this happens to me too. it started about 5 months ago and has happened maybe 4 or times  since then. i started a gym with personal trainer about 7 months ago and was training myself 4 or 5 times a week as i ddint have a lot else to do. my first "episode" i felt this small blurriness in my right eye but as it had never happened to me I kept going, the blur (like the squigly thing other people wrote about) got worse and still i was so close to the end of my workout on the treadmill that i thought id push through it, after finishing my cardio I had to ly down, my head was spinning the headache was unbearable it felt kind of sinusy yet kind of migrainy, i got into the shower n walked around the corner to my work and took two nurofen, i was only there for 30 minutes before i couldnt stand it any more i thought i was going to collapse and faint and throw up at the same time. i had drank lots of water through my workout and had some breakfast before the gym maybe a big bowl of cereal i think or a banana and an "up and go" or something.anyway i left work went straight to bed and fell aslepp for 2 hours when i woke up agin i was fine. i didnt go to gym next day but the day after i did, i did the same as the previous day but was completely fine. i now know to stop working out as soon as these symptoms start and usually the blurry eye clears after 15/20mins after starting but the headache stays a while.. my personal trainer said i should go to the doctor as the small possibility of it being something like a mini stroke/heartattack type thing from working out too hard. i did and doc said my blood pressure normal and maybe from food..dont know its really wierd.today i was on the treadmill, stopped after 15min as i needed to pee and got back like 2 min later, had to stop after 6 mins as the symptoms had started..did 30 mins the last 2 days and half hours of weights each day too no probs, then today???????i know this isnt a solution but maybe someone can add something or help by something etc
Same thing happens to me!! Curious to see if you found any answers?? Hope you are well
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Go and see your GP
That is pretty much always good advice.  :>)
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