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Bruised Lump on Leg

Hi, a couple weeks ago I was working out in my room.  I was doing knees to feet jumps and pretty soon afterwards I noticed a soreness on the back of my leg right above the knee.  When I inspected it I felt a lump.  I tried doing some research and thought maybe it was a hematoma or something, but I'm not sure.

There is discoloration where the lump is. The lump is still there and has been there for a couple weeks now. It is not that sore just feels hard and it does not bother me when I am moving my leg around.

I am not sure if I should wait it out for longer or go see a doctor about.

Thanks for any advice.


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Hi. Lumps at the back of the knee may suggest a growing cyst in the skin that becomes more prominent with changes in the positioning of the legs, a series of dilated veins in the skin that enlarge after exercise but then decrease in size after exercise has been completed, or a small defect in the tough fibrous covering around the muscles of the leg that allow muscle to herniate through it during exercise. For a more definite diagnosis, see your physician. Thanks for asking.
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The lump can be any number of things! I suggest seeing an Orthopedist
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Thanks for comments.  Your seems like what it likely is. I will head to the doctor on Monday to get it checked out.
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