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Burning of esophagus when I Excercise. 2

I have had a problem with heart burn lately. And trouble breathing while I sleep. Also when I run or do any physical activity where my breathing gets heavy. My chest and Esophagus burn and I get this wierd short ness of breath where it feels like my heart is missing a beet, once ever like couple mins. when im trying to recover. I'ts to the point that I can't push threw it working out and I have to stop after about 10 min,. I have had chest E-Rays done and doppler and they both came back normal so I'm guessing it's not a heart issue. Plus it takes alot longer to recover. where two years ago it wasnt such a problem to excersize. Is this a normal sign of being out of shape that I can get threw or does this sound like a breathing problem or allergies which I have never had before? or something I haven't thought of  It's very frustrating after being in great shape and being able to run 4 miles just 2 years ago.  
Please post I'f you have any information Thanks.
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have you been tested for Exercise induced asthma??  try that out.  
also... try not to eat before exercising if it is heartburn or chew some tums before you work out.
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I have the same problem.  Let me know if you have gotten to any results.  When I have the burning in my esophagus, I have actually pushed through these hard spells.  When I push through them, it seems to damage my esophagus.   I always have a week before it heals.   I think I am creating some serious scar tissue.

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