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Calf pain when jogging

I´ve taking up jogging for the past three months.  I run about 2 to 3 miles twice a week.  Recently I´ve been having pain in my calfs, on the inner part of them.  The pain seems like it is coming from my bones but I´m quite sure it is from swelling of my calfs.

Three weeks ago I took anti-inflamatory medicine for a week and the pain went away almost after the second dose.  I ran only once per week for the following two weeks and this week (3rd week) I´ve ran three times, running only 2 miles per run and I can feel my calves starting to hurt again.  They hurt the worst when I start running for the first few minutes and then not as bad for the rest of the run.  They dont hurt while walking, only while running.

I strech before running and after running.  Im quite sure I do a good job streching.
Im not too overweight, Im about 5´9 inches and weigh 200 pounds.

I don´t want to keep taking anti-inflamatory pain forever because I dont think it would be very healthy but Im not sure.

Is there any vitamins or remedies to help make this pain go away??

I appreciate any help with this.

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