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Chest Pain After Sit-ups

For my Physical Education class, I had to do a sit-up test. I tried my best and reached the maximum amount (75 sit-ups). Two days after this test, I felt pain in my chest. When I try to straighten my chest (more like align it straight), I feel pain. When I bend my back forward just a tiny little bit, it doesn't hurt. This is the first day of the pain.

Any help would be appreciated!

By the way, tomorrow I do a push-up test for physical education, and when I tried to do a push-up at home, I failed. I dropped to the ground because it hurt so much.
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You are most probably suffering from a musculoskeletal chest pain, as you have recently involved in a strenuous physical activity. This has caused your chest wall muscles to turn sore and cause pain on movement.

This pain gets aggravated or relieved with the changes in posture. Sometimes a deep breath worsens the pain or tenderness is felt on pressing certain localized regions on the chest.

The pain usually resolves after a few days. You should not indulge in too much of exercise suddenly as your body needs to adjust to that kind of routine. Maybe you can consider taking a break from strenuous physical activity for sometime.

You can also consult a doctor for some medication, if the pain persists. Generally some topical agents or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) provide relief.


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so aboout 5 days ago i done about 40 sit up and the day after i did i took a deep breath in and and a sharp pain when over on my left side. ever since then it has been pain but it was doing good for 2 or 3 days untell id play gym sports it seems like pressure on the middle on my chest and sometimes it hurts on left and then sometime it hurts on the right. can any one help me ?
you should be having any problem with muscle in chest which is affected when you start doing any heavy work which needs power...try to consult with a doctor..!!1
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I would go and see a doctor.
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I developed a chest pain after doing abs at home. I am 50 and work as a teacher in Japan.  I stopped for a few days. As the pain persisted I went to a doctor. A chest XRAY and ECG taken were both normal.  I rested for three weeks, the pain was gone. I started abs this morning. My chest pain is back. Why is this? I am troubled. Please help.
Thank you
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that happened to me too! But, my class did not have a limit, so I reached 628 before giving up. The pain WILL go away after 5-7 days though! I do not think you should see a doctor. You are just sore!
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