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DASH diet

Anyone have any thoughts on this?  It seems to be scientifically proven to help with things like blood pressure and diabetes.  
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High blood pressure runs in my family and I've been able to dodge meds by following this diet.  Keeps my pressure within a good range + exercise.  Excellent!
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Basically, it looks like a basic diet that everyone agrees is the best way to eat.  I can see a couple of things to watch out for -- it relies a lot on dairy, and the vast majority of humans don't have the ability to digest it so that could be a problem, but you can avoid it by just avoiding most of the dairy.  It also is a very low fat diet, including the "good" fats, so that could also be a problem.  Because you exercise quite a bit, you need more sodium than someone who doesn't, so be wary of that part of it.  But this is what long-term studies that follow the healthiest people have been saying forever -- the best diet is composed of whole grains, not getting your protein from red meat, not overdosing on sugar and salt, eating your fruits and veggies.  Nothing new here.  You'll need more calories, though, again, because you exercise a lot.  
Hmmm, it doesn't rely a lot on dairy.  Not sure if you are talking about the DASH diet.  It does incorporate low fat dairy and non-fat dairy products.  It also includes eating nuts and sees and you can obtain good fats from them.  Not everyone has a problem digesting dairy.  The problem with some dairy is that it is high in saturated fats and such.  This diet prmotes whole foods and less animal protein and products made from an animal source.  Getting enough sodium is rarely a problem unless you are drinking tons of water then you can have a problem with low sodium.  I've been on this diet for quite some time and I am not taking anything to control my blood pressure as most in my family are taking meds to control their blood pressure.
Actually, only two ethnic groups in the world contain the enzyme that enables the digestion of dairy.  You can ease that by eating cultured dairy products, which is what most people in the world do to get most of their dairy, such as yoghurt and cheese, but these would still be pro-inflammatory and hard to digest for most people.  Those two ethnicities are one group in India and one in Scandanavia.  Humans have a tendency of force-feeding foods into themselves because we can, not because we're suited to them, such as wheat, beef, dairy, and sugar.  The consequences might be nothing for some people but for others it could lead to long-term problems you wouldn't notice until you get older.  Another problem with dairy is that while it's very high in calcium, it's deficient in magnesium, which creates an imbalance in the body.  Osteoporosis in developed countries is related to the over-consumption of dairy and the calcium in it at the expense of magnesium, equally important for bone development.  The fact is, nobody consumed a ton of dairy in the US until the gov't teamed up with an industry group to force-feed it to us.  As for fat, this diet is only proven to help with one factor in overall health, which is blood pressure, but health includes a whole lot more than just that one factor.  Whole fat dairy is more digestible than non-fat dairy.  None of us would lose anything by not eating it and many would gain a lot.  But since only time tells you if it's going to be a problem, it's easy to ignore it and attribute problems to age.  Now, I don't personally care if people choose to eat dairy, but it does help choice if all facets of the food we eat is known to us.  Peace.
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grains and veggies... just from what i read. i am more of a lean meat eater and not eating much protein is a no-no for me hehehe
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