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Depression/ motivation and health

Hi.  I have issues with mood (which I am trying to access support for).  Earlier this year I was training regularly to run a half marathon.  I was doing well until several weeks before the event I sustained several blisters.  
Since I have done no exercise and have eaten excessively.
My goal was to complete a triathlon next year.

What can I do to help me get from where I am now to achieving my goal next year?
Basically I feel stuck and psychotherapy would help that a great deal but accessing that is an ongoing process.
My blisters have healed.  I had a calf strain soon after stopping but that too has healed.
Aside from the biomechanical stuff and the psych stuff what could I be doing to help my chances of succeeding next year?

While the sports goal is important making long-term lifestyle changes is also a priority.
(Stress management, weight loss and maintenance, regular physical activity, etc).

I have a basic sports background but just can't seem to translate my goals into action.  (Can't stop eating, can't start exercising.  It's driving me nuts.)

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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A Hypnotist could work wonders. Used one for smoking for first time now thinking of using him again to improve my horse riding, hope this helps.
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Thanks.  That would require a degree of trust I don't think I have.

Maybe I just need to do it?  I think I am probably just pretty depressed at the moment and instead of over-thinking everything (or not thinking in an effort to cope) I just need to chuck on some shoes and go for a walk.  The exercise isn't the problem once I start, generally.

I have been iron deficient for what feels like forever even after months of iron supplementation.  My GP asked me to get retested mid-July.  It could still be an issue, not sure.  I'm not getting the breathlessness now so probably not.  ??

I hope the hypnotherapy helps with your horse riding.  Would visualization achieve the same thing?  Good luck anyway.
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My suggestion for you is to let go the past, bygones are bygones.

Fresh target for a new marathon, triathlon whatever!
Plan a good healthy diet, sit with a dietician and follow the diet plan religiously. Enjoy your cardio and as you very well know that good sound healthy is a long term goal and not a short term you will achieve your stats in  6 months and this will get back the smile and you can continue the plan.

Take care!
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You're right, the past is the past.  Each moment is a new moment.

New goal.  Good idea.  No baggage comes attached with that.

I neglected to say that I have bpd which affects diet, mood, ... just about everything.

Thanks for the feedback and the encouragement.
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1) Visit a dietician, calculate your BMI and plan a diet chart and follow it religiously

2) Visit a trainer and discuss what forms of exercises you will lose weight quickly and select and adopt them as daily routine

3) Any form of cardio for 60 minutes regularly will give you result in some months. Be it swimming, running, jogging, skipping etc.

4) For any medical issues get it cleared by your GP.

Best of luck!

Take care!
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I've seen several dietitians in the past.  Neither have gone well for me.  The last one was keen for me to be less rigid with food and refused to provide a structured plan.
I tried Weight Watchers again last year with some success.  (I lost about 12 kg in eight weeks.  I was told by one expert that that may have been too aggressive.)
I think the problem I have with food stems from intense negative emotions.  I was reading Dr Gould's blog, (under expert activity), When you hurt too much, you eat too much.
It makes sense that my current problem is probably due to a lack of confidence.

One goal of mine is to revisit my w/w's material and to see if I can implement that.  Perhaps with a little more flexibility than last time though.

I'm on an invalid's benefit due to my mental health issues.  I can't afford to visit a trainer or a gym, etc.
I'm a bit ashamed to say that I was once an elite athlete.  I know this stuff.  The problem I currently have, other than my mood and getting motivated, is to do something on a consistent basis.  Probably the longest I've been able to persevere with something has been about eight weeks.  It frustrates me starting something over and over again time after time without ever achieving anything (except maybe injuries).

I went for a 20 minute run today (plus 40 minute walk) which is the first time in about two months that I've actually exercised (and probably even gotten out of the house).  Hopefully I can use this ?success to build some momentum.

The medical stuff has dragged me down a bit.  Last year I had a breast abscess and breast cancer treatment plus the ongoing iron deficiency.  My cousin also killed himself just before Christmas last year too and there have been significant issues trying to access support.  My therapist left the mhs nearly two years ago now.  My GP has concerns but is wary as he says the mhs has chewed me up and damaged me.

I've allowed everything to get on top of me but here is a good place to start with good advice and with diet and exercise.

Thank you for your time and patience.
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Good! Keep up the good work, forget the bitter past and concentrate on your health.

Continue the walks and jogs, as strict as you sleep and eat regularly.

Take care!
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Thanks.  Your feedback has also allowed me to view things in a new context so that's been helpful.

Any one of your answers could have been the best answer.  Thanks!!
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