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Diabetes Type 2 Is making me Angry.

My name is Ona, and I am a diabetic. I'm trying to loose weight so I can get off the medication. Lately before I eat my blood sugar has been high yesterday it was 229, today it was 242 I'm scared because I don't know how high it could get before I go into a diabetic comma. Please help!!!!!!!
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Dear Ona,

Get control of your lifestyle and follow healthy suggested living for a diabetic and then you can be able to control some amount of blood sugar.

Get your BMI calculated and start physical exercise as in cardio, weights, swimming, walking etc to decrease your waist line and also to achieve normal weight for your age and height.

Get an appointment near a dietician and design a diet chart and follow it religiously. You should avoid simple sugars and go for fiber rich food and proteins. Restrict fat intake and have small divided meals regularly.

Sustained effort from your side will help you fight Diabetes and follow up with your endocrinologist for medication and Insulin if it is required presently.

Go for regular eye and kidney checkups. At this time do not worry about diabetic coma and it is possible from your side to fight diabetes and avoid complications.

Take care!

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