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I'm 16, 180cm and weigh around 93kg. I need to start loosing weight, but I don't where how to start or what sort of plan to go by. I don't want to go to the gym either, I'd rather do it from home. Any advice?
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Whether or not you're overweight depends on how much muscle you have, but as you're only 16 you probably lack muscle.  If you want to lose weight, eat less and exercise more.  Pretty easy, really, but when you're 16, you usually are depending on the food your parents provide for you.  If they feed you too much food that encourages weight gain, and you eat a lot of it, you'll gain weight.  On the other hand, a 16 year old boy -- your profile says you're female but the name above suggests you're a guy -- usually has a pretty high metabolism because normally he'd be quite active.  Are you not active?  Do you not go out all the time with your friends?  Movement is movement, it doesn't have to be formal exercise, it can just be play or walking or biking wherever you go, which a 16 year old usually does a lot of.  
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hello johnass, it's better than u join some aerobics and yoga classes because it makes a routine and u have to follow it daily. and it also makes u feel enjoyable. so I think it is better option to join it. u can join a gym that is also a good option.
I like those things too!  Welcome to the forum ----  stick around and share ideas!
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You're still young so you better be mindful of what you eat and see to it that they are healthy and good. With mindful eating, you can discipline yourself until you eventually go into a certain diet plan.
It is really true that habits are created for a lifetime.  :>)
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