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Do you prefer skipping meals and eating fruits instead?

Do you believe that eating a large amount of healthy food can help you lose weight?
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Don't understand the question.  Overeating is overeating, whether or not it makes you gain weight it does put more stress on the digestive system.  It also depends on what you mean by healthy food.  Some people are pretty confused by what is healthy and what isn't.  Sometimes it depends on when you eat it and how much you eat.  As an example, sweet fruits have a lot of good nutrients in them but also a lot of natural sugars.  Green leafy vegetables are probably the most nutrient dense foods, but your digestive system would be able to handle eating a ton of them at a time.  If you have a reason to eat a lot more food that you usually would, such as when you're using food to treat disease, juicing is often the best way to do this as the juicer renders a lot of food into a small size and breaks down fibers that can make food difficult to eat large quantities of.  But for long-term weight control and optimization, eating a healthy balanced diet with foods you enjoy eating combined with a life that isn't sedentary will do the trick for most of us without needing to overdo anything.
Yes. Overeating never helps you to lose weight.
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Yes  it may help you to loose weight. Healthy foods gives you good vitamins and proteins to your body.
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No you shouldn't skip meals. Are you trying to lose weight? 1 piece a fruit a day is fine. Don't eat sugar. I use Stevia instead.  Just eat low fat. I lost 20 lbs eating a whole plant based diet. Read some books on this if you want to go vegan you can lower your cholesterol, lose weight and be more healthy. If not just cut back on carbs and fat. Exercise!
I have a hard time sticking to something like a plant based diet.  I can't do anything drastic.  How do you stay true to that?  
Just a comment.  Everyone should eat a plant-based diet, of course -- that's where the sustained energy and antioxidants come from.  But being vegan has no proof of being a healthy diet nor do those who invented veganism in India a long time ago and taken up now here more recently have anything to do with health, it is an ideological way of eating that assumes it doesn't kill animals.  Of course it does kill animals -- agriculture, which we would need even more of in order to all go vegan, is the reason for most of the animal deaths by causing habitat loss.  To establish modern agriculture required the clearing of massive tracts of formerly natural habitat, and this is still going on in a world where we're running out of natural habitat to clear.  Farmers do the killing for vegans -- they kill the animals that would eat the crops if they didn't, they clear the land destroying virgin habitat, they kill all those insects we don't think of as animals, all of our food contains unhatched insect eggs and hibernating insects so we're not really vegan, and if you want fertilizer you need animal poop so you need to keep animals prisoner and as beasts of burden.  As for health, veganism is good for some organs such as the heart, but no better than vegetarianism, and easier on the colon, but harder on the pancreas and on muscle formation and lacks methionine and B12, as the only reliable sources of these nutrients are found in animal food (unless you supplement with fresh water algae, which does contain plenty of B12 but you can only eat a small amount in a day).  But those who eat animal food also eat a plant-based diet in most cases, or I should say should do so -- moderate intake of animal, especially from the ocean, and the rest is plant food.  So again, all healthful diets would be largely plant based with moderate amounts of animal food.  This is basically what is referred to as the Mediterranean Diet and is the diet most studied that has shown the best long-term health results.  If you do go vegan, make sure you stick to the basics of eating -- you still need the same balance of protein, whole grains and fruits/veggies as anyone else.  When I managed health foods stores, the worst eaters were the vegans -- they'd eat anything, including tons of hydrogenated vegetable oil, as long as it didn't contain animal products.  As I say, more ideological than for health.  And for ideological folks, sticking to a diet is just easier than for those of us who aren't so convinced that the problem is eating animals rather than the over-population of humans due to our dominance of adaptation.  For now we rule the roost and as such we are slowly destroying the Earth as it has been for the last historical period.  My great fear is that, environmentally speaking, the more vegans and vegetarians, the more we will destroy what's left of the forests that cleanse the Earth -- this is happening at great speed mostly to grow soybeans and grains.  Much of this is to feed animals as traditionally plant based cultures such as the Chinese eat more meat as they get wealthier and feed soy to animals to fatten them up more quickly, but much of it is also eaten as soy is one of the best plant-based protein foods and can be used to make things that taste like meat.  I hope we can stop factory farming of animals, but we also factory farm plants, and I've never seen the difference between one life form and another as far as its right to live undisturbed.  We tend to anthropomorphize animals but ignore that plants are also alive and wish to stay that way.  I don't say this because I don't want vegans and vegetarians to eat as they choose -- I do -- but just to say, if you don't wish to eat that way, I wouldn't feel bad about it, I would just try to do it with a light footprint just as vegans should.  Peace, all.  
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Undereating will be more harmful to you and won't make you lose weight. Your body's metabolism slows down (remember our main purpose is to survive, hence energy conservation) and whatever you eat is safely stored.

Overeating isn't much better, even if it is healthy. Your metabolism will unfortunately not do the same thing around like: I have plenty of food all the time, I should waste all of that fat storage right there!

Hope it helps!
I guess it's about getting the right balance.  Share your tips on doing that!
Undereating is an interesting topic, actually.  It's become a bit controversial.  There were studies done on, I think mice, that got a lot of publicity showing that undereating actually led to increased life span.  This became a big thing in the media for awhile.  But I think more recent studies have cast some doubt on this.  Don't know where it will come out.  But undereating definitely will produce weight loss -- it will in fact eventually produce starvation if you undereat a lot, as in not eating at all or not getting enough nutrients that the body needs for fuel.  If you've ever seen those horrible photos of people in drought and war ridden places you will see very skinny people.  They don't look so good, but clearly, not eating enough will produce weight loss.  Now, if you have things you have to do, they will be very hard to do because you will eventually lack energy, but in those mice studies where the undereating wasn't to the extent of starvation the mice had plenty of energy.  Again, don't know where this is coming out in the end, just saying, if you undereat for an extended period of time you will lose weight.  Ask any anorexic about that.  But you won't be healthy if you go too far with it.  
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No, it is necessary to comply with the regime and refuse sweet and fried food
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You can eat fruits and drink fruits juices its good for health, but overeating definitely will effect you body, fat, weight. Eating must be as per body need is good for health.
Yes by eating fruits and juice you can reduce weight.
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Not entirely. Weight loss depends on many factors, such as your daily exercise time, your daily eating habits, your daily calorie intake, and more. There is no doubt that eating fruits is better than normal foods for weight lose . but Don't forget that fruits include natural sugar sources, which can also increase your body fat.
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Real foods are single-ingredient foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals, lack chemical additives and are mostly unprocessed. Here is some example :
Chia seeds
Sweet potatoes

Thank You

kristy, I'm going to quibble with you again.  Real food is real food no matter how many ingredients is in it.  If you add real spices to a real casserole made with several real foods, it's still real food.  As for chemical additives, unless you're growing it biodynamically in your backyard virtually all the food we buy at a store has some sort of chemical additive, including all the items you mention.  Even if you grow in compost and natural fertilizer and use the most natural pesticides available, those are all chemical additives.  The issue is harmful chemical additives, but as long as we're going to overpopulate the planet and therefore require factory farms even for organic farming, if you don't want to lose the whole crop to weather and pest problems you're going to use some sort of chemical additive.  If you're not buying organic, virtually everything has a chemical additive.  Take bananas.  Ever wonder how they arrive at your store not rotten despite coming for very far away?  If it's not organic, it's most likely irradiated to prevent spoilage.  If it's organic, it's picked quite green and then you hope it doesn't ripen too quickly.  Organic farming allows a lot of chemicals, it just doesn't allow those that are considered most synthetic and toxic.  As for tomatoes, many in the nutrition biz do not recommend eating too many of them, as they are in the nightshade family and can promote inflammation.  They can be especially bad for arthritis sufferers.  Now, given there are more foods on Earth than any of us know about, every food originally exists as a single-ingredient food, but eating would be really boring if we didn't learn how to combine them to make exciting flavors.  Making a salad, for example, out of apples, bananas and some berries is still using real food, right?
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I prefer eating fruits instead.

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