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Emotional strength and training

I was more than a little frustrated with something my friend said to me and I was so lucky I made the decision to train it off and have time to think about it before I said anything I would regret, otherwise I could have easily lost her. Training does so much for emotional stress and emotional stress does so much for training!

I was pulling weights and I didn't even realise how much I was on. 42.5 kilos lat pulldown, over 15 kilos over what I normally do. 33 kilos for chest press, seven kilos over what I normally do. I have apologised and the situaiton should be fairly easily resolved. No dramas :D

How important is emotional strength when doing physical training and what impacts do emotions have on training? It's incosnistent, granted today was good but sometimes my workouts have actually SUFFERED because I was emotionally stressed. I have trained in shock before.

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Part of training is mentally training yourself as well. When your training physically you also have to train your mind. Focus on what your task is, every time you go to work out have a mission for what you are going to do that day and when you friend says something that irks  you, take a deep breath through your stomach and hold it then release.. If it doeant work the first couple times thats because its a skill you have to practice.. so if your focused during your  work out then you will do a better job and feel better, remember to go to the gym with a mission.

hope this helped:)
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When you establish a routine, the difficult becomes routine. Chauncey Billups, a Detroit Pistons point guard, describes his formula for nailing two free throws to tie a game in the fourth quarter: "I know it's a big shot, but I don't even think about the moment. If I put more pressure on it, then it becomes a mental thing. I treat it the same as a free throw in the first quarter by doing the same routine every single time. I focus on the rim. I take four dribbles, spin the ball, and get up under it. My routine puts me into a calm state. It's just me and the rim."

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