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Exercise and weight loss during pregnancy


Has any one got advice on exercise and weightloss during pregnancy? I was trying to lose weight before hand and would like to lose some weight by time the baby arrives (God willing) Ive read some women have by eating healthily. I would like to exercise aswell and hope to lose from my stomach and thighs. I was exercising a bit before not routinely but at least once a week (pathetic I know!)

I have a scale that can weigh fat percentage so I know my actual weight may increase but as long as the fat % goes down.. any advice thanks
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well to lose before you concieve is a great idea! however dieting and losing weight during pregnancy is dangerous and wrong. if you feel you must lose that much weight, do it before. your dr will not want you do lose during. why do you want to lose while pg? read up on the pregnant body. you will harm yourself and possible the baby.
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HI Thanks for your reponce but its no the answer I was looking for. Im not going ona  diet and this is my 4th pregnancy so Im well aware of the risks involved with dieting. I meant more like eating a balanced diet and sensible exercises. I have now found pregnancy exercise videos which take into account the fact of being pregnant, and I must say they are the most challenging exercises I have done yet! Im hoping to burn extra fat this way while not eating empty calories. Theres some good sites out there for anyone else in the same situ
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Hi Angel, I was reading about pregnancy and weight loss/fitness etc on another site. They offer some good information and have some good tips. You obviously have some experience :) so have a look and see if it helps. http://www.pregnancyandexercise.org/
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A balanced diet and exercise is great while pregnant. I would not concentrate on losing weight though. I hear Yoga is good for pregnancy and of course walking is always good. I never got a chance to do any of these things cause I was on bed rest for 6 months. However, I did buy an aerobic video for expecting mothers. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits stay away from the bad fats and eat the good fats, drink plenty of water, milk and 100% juice. Take your vitamins and call it a day. My aunt ate very healthy when she was pregnant, she ate salads, fruits and vegetables whole granins and the whole nine-her baby ended up being 10 pounds. It scared the **** out of me when I found out I was pregnant and wanted to continue eating healthy. I didn't go to her extreme, but my warden (husband) gave me three square meals a day and that's it. He gave me no room for cravings or nonsense foods. I guess it was blessing that I was on bed rest cause back then I loved to eat and I probably would have gained a whole lot of weight. Well try the website above, you will find helpful information on what you're looking for.

Many blessings to you and yours.
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