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Exercise causes weight gain

I am normally an athletic person to begin with. Is it normal for a woman to everytime they start an exercise program that they get bigger instead of losing weight. For example I normally do a combination of weights and cardio to get a balance. When I lift even though I'm using less weight and more reps I actually get bulky instead of thinning out. I like muscle definition but it kind of freaks me out a little because its not the results I want. This is the reason why I always stop the exercise program I'm on (I've tried a lot of them to). When I do cardio I never lose weight it just stays the same. I'm frustrated and I've been going through this cycle for the last 7 years. I just want to thin out and have some muscle definition thats all. Please help
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Even with regular work-outs, weight gain may be due a lot of factors such as: hormonal imbalance, as side effect of medications you may be taking, fluid retention from excess sodium or existing  medical conditions such as with the thyroid. It would also help to know your body mass index and the daily calories you should be having. Asidefrom exercise, proper diet is also important.

Take care and keep us posted.
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Hey - I've done alot of research into this and was told many times that a person will put on muscle before they start to burn fat. While that can be annoying, in the long run it is much more effective, as muscle burns way more calories than fat.

Of course, if you haven't cut down calories you will gain weight as well. You can work out as long and hard as you want, but you will always gain weight unless you are burning more than you are taking in.

For years I ran and did weights. I loved the definition I got in my upper body, but always found that if I did leg weights, my legs would get bulky almost instantly. This frustrated me to no end, until I finally worked with a Pilates trainer and she said I was overusing those leg muscles that were getting bulky. I learned different excersises with her that toned for great results. I highly recommend trying Pilates, but if not, is there a trainer you can meet with to work to get the exact results you want? Most gyms offer a free training session or 2. Good luck!
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over use and the muscles would get bulky...makes sense i guess. how long though did it take you to see your muscles lean out and fat loss begin? it frustrates me to no end, as soon as i start lifting although i'm using low weights and more reps my muscles get big. it makes me feel better knowing that its something that could possibly go away some.
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