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Extremely poor muscle recovery

I generally keep on a regular workout regime and understand the basics of muscle recovery....stretch, hydrate, etc.  The problem is my thighs.  When I work out it takes twice as long to recover and it is extremely painful for the first couple days.  Every other target area, I experience the natural recovery process.  For example, I worked on the back/tricep and was pretty sore the second day, but moved pretty quickly from there.  I get it - there is pain involved and it takes time.  The legs though, are extreme.  It has always been like this.  The second and third day will bring me to tears there is so much pain.  If my dogs jump on me, I run into something, and just walking in general.  I have to walk down the stairs sideways for a week sometimes.  I work in a doctors office and have been around others in the fitness field, but have been mainly brushed off as not being able to "suck it up."  It is very frustrating and I feel like there is another answer to why I have such a hard time recovering this particular body area.  
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Do you take extra magnesium and potassium to help with muscle / cell health?
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Potassium yes, magnesium, not sure. I don't take that specifically but it could be mixed in something else I'm taking possibly.
Regarding the potassium I take Slow mag (about 500mg/day). That is digested slowly so you don't get diarrhea. It won't cure your muscle problem but it helps if you have a deficiency and good for a lot of things anyway.
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I have a trainer who is a master trainer. He has helped me with several muscle imbalances. Maybe you should look for someone like that. He even showed me how to walk right and is still working on my quads as they are too tight and throwing off everything. So I have to stretch them daily. You may have something like that. It is possible you have some type of myofascial pain syndrome but that is what they told me about my back pain. Now it is almost gone most days as long as I stretch and strengthen certain parts of my low back etc. So, you need someone who really doesn't just throw some weights at you and say workout , you need someone to really figure out what your problems are.
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If you are working your legs with weights (squats, lunges, leg press...etc) then try walking or hitting the treadmill for 20 mins. This will help with the lactic acid that can cause you to be really sore. This has helped after heavy squats.
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Hi, I know you probably meant your comment for the other poster. But I wanted to ask you so did you mean if you do a full workout like 1 hour doing like you said squats, lunges weights like dead lifts etc.and you get really sore, you say walking or treadmill for 20 minutes is this right after the workout as a cool down? Is it okay to go home and eat first then do the walking?
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