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Face fat

Hi I m 21 years old ..I addicted to eating raw rice, chokepeice ,sand etc from 5th std and I continued eating it till my 10th standard almost for 5 years during my childhood my body weight was perfect but later when I addicted to those I began to become skinny now I m very skinny very week but my face is so big it looks very very big and if I eat more my face is getting even more bigger I m afraid of putting my body weight itself bcz of it ..And I thinks a lot and will b depressed sometimes for many reasons so what might b the reason behind my face fat and how can I reduce it without reducing my body weight as I m already very skinny
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Well, this is unfortunate.  I think that the things you were eating are going to fall in the line with PICA.  This is a disorder sometimes linked to nutritional deficiencies and sometimes linked to psychological issues.  Sand is not a food.  I don't know what chokepiece is and raw rice doesn't sound tasty.  I think first thing is to get your eating in order.  Do you work with a physician about this eating issue?  Do you have a diagnosis?  With regards to your face being fat, I must say, we have genetics to live with.  And I have to wonder about body dysphoric syndrome in which you have an odd image of your body/face.  Women with anorexia have this.  So, this is confusing but I think you must first have a healthy lifestyle and second learn to be accepting of who you are.  If you were purposely eating sand and raw rice to be thin, that is problematic.  Let us know more so we can try to help.
Thanks for this rply,actually I have stopped all those addictions 7 years ago only,now from last 1 year I HV been suffering from psoriasis and a year back I had blood check up it showed that I HV macrocytic anaemia and mild thrombocytosis but as I was taking medication for my skin issues psoriasis I didn't care about those anemia and health ...Is that putting me in trouble I have not even taken medication for that macrocytic anamia .
Wait, you say you tested positive for anemia and the doctor let it stand there?  This is a deficiency disease, if you're correct about having it, meaning another blood test confirms it.  It can be caused by different things -- iron deficiency, B12 deficiency, and it can be caused by exposure to certain things like lead or a poor diet or a genetic problem with absorbing B vitamins.  You need to go back to your doctor.
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