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Flat stomach

I want to get rid if that layer of fat I have covering my abs at the moment, so that I could show off my body at the beach. Do you have any suggestions about the exercises that I could do or shouldn't do? Does eating matter a lot in this case? How long will it take to get a flat stomach?
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Stomach fat or visceral fat is very insulin sensitive.  If you want to get rid of belly fat it would be suggested to cut down on sugar and carbs and eat a low carb diet.
   All carbs and high glycemic foods will spike insulin.  If you didn't know a slice of bread will spike you blood sugar more than the same amount of calories in pure sugar! This is because wheat has and carb called amylopectin type A which is only found in wheat.  This is a super carb. Most foods have type b and c.
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Make a habit , to drink a glass of aloe Vera juice on daily bases. You will definitely get benefit from this.

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Here is some method to reach your goal :
Do Some Cardio
Add Apple Cider Vinegar to Your Diet
Avoid Liquid Calories
Eat Whole, Single-Ingredient Foods
Drink Water
Reduce Your Stress Levels

Thank You
Careful with the apple cider vinegar.  While for some it is appropriate, for others it isn't.  
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