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Going to the gym

I need to lose 20 lbs. I know I need to gym to achieve this. Inspiration on beating gym phobia please! X
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Hi! I too am paranoid and nervous when i
I go to the gym. One thing that helps me is to remember that most people there are there for the same reason, to lose weight. And nobody is better than anyone else. Just focus on yourself and how you will feel when you have accomplished your goals! Good luck!
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Listen to me! I've been going to the gym a Looooooong time and everyone is just concentrating on the number of reps and sets that they are doing. Some members could be tall or short skinny or fat some are in wheel chairs and some are missing a limb. but we are all at the gym to either better ourselves or to maintain what we have! Now get up and go to the gym. Meet new people
and become a gym rat.  
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Any 1st trimester fit moms on here?  I'm very early in my pregnancy and wondered what exercises others are doing.
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Some things that inspire me are finding programs or activities that I truly love. Working out is easy for me because I love how it makes me feel. Going shopping to get a cool gym outfit. Making an awesome workout playlist for my iPod. I've never been the type of person to workout with someone else, but you might feel better going to the gym if you have a friend to go with. There should also be more than one gym in your town, you might even be able to find an all woman gym, but you can go to different gyms until you find one that feels the most comfortable.

Actually, you don't need to go to the gym to lose weight. There are so many activies out there that you can choose from, like walking, riding a bike, swimming, gardening, hiking, kayaking, ect.
Remember that to lose fat, you have to do mild to moderate cardio. Any physical activity that is intense or makes it harder for you to breathe is burning carbs, not fat. Lifting weights also burns carbs, not fat. This is why so many people struggle with losing fat.

The idea is that people lift weights to gain muscle. Muscle is good because it is what burns fat. So having a well balanced routine is a good thing. You can strength train and do cardio. But if you really hate gyms, you can also watch fitness videos at home, or even do bodyweight strength training anywhere.

To burn fat, all you have to do is go for a nice long walk or hike. You can even go for a jog if you are in shape, but as soon as it becomes harder to breathe, slow down, or you will just burn carbs.

Never starve yourself, make sure to eat well. Drink lots of water.
Also, be aware of water retention, it can seem like fat, but it's just your body retaining water!
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