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Groin pain

I had groin pain in my left groin for about 2 and 1/2 years recently its now in both groins I also have knee pain in my miniscus I'm told that because when I workout I try not to use my groin so I'm using my knees more

What do I do I've gone to a doctor and done corrective stuff after I do corrective stuff it goes away then comes back
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When you say doctor, do you mean you've had an MRI and seen an orthopedist?  Or do you mean you've just seen your primary care physician, who knows nothing at all about this kind of thing?  And when you say corrective stuff, do you mean you've been sent to physical therapy, or took another course?  You don't get "pain" in the meniscus, you tear it.  That requires surgery to fix except in rare circumstances where the injury is only in the very beginning of the membrane, the only place in the meniscus that gets blood flow and therefore can heal.  My guess is, you haven't torn your meniscus because you'd know that, you've probably got an overuse injury or tendonitis or something like that.  But the only way to truly find out is to get an MRI.  Same with your groin pain -- it could be referred pain, say from your performs or your hips, or it could be the groin itself that's injured.  If you just don't want to see specialists and get pictures taken, you're probably left with resting completely for a while and see if it goes away, but if it keeps coming back, something is damaged even if it's only weak muscles or inflammation.  
Sorry, my new spellcheck keeps changing what I write -- I mean periformis, not performs.  Changing browsers is a pain.
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