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HELP I need to lose 70 lbs

Ok so I gained 70 lbs from my pregnancy!! I need to lose it and i woul love to lose it quickly!! Does anyone have a workout that would be good for me? I am 21 years old and I need to lose 70 lbs!! (I know a lot of weight to lose!!! WOW< I know i can do it i just want some suggestions, THANKS!!!
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Jogging if you can the best way to dump the weight. Cycling also any cardio work. Gooood luck.
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I am there with you I need to lose around 40 which still wont put me in the weight catagory that I need to be in but at least closer.  I know that cardio and cutting calories will help alot.  They say walking is a really great way to get that started. Try starting with small goals of like 10 pounds you do not want to lose it to quickly because they say it comes back even more when you do. Good Luck!!  Just remember how great your going to feel when you hit a goal
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Breastfeeding can help a lot to lose birth weight. Daily walking jogging or running can help. Eat right and tay ative and it will disappear. 70lbs is a common amount women gain in pregnancy.
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wow 70lbs os common??!! Well tha maked me feel a little better but my best friend was pergant too with me (wasnt planned that way) and she lost her weight right away no exersice needed, she thinks she needs it though so she is working out with me!! Today i did a power walk/ jog / workout for almost 2 hours so i feel great about that!!
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wow 70lbs os common??!! Well tha maked me feel a little better but my best friend was pergant too with me (wasnt planned that way) and she lost her weight right away no exersice needed, she thinks she needs it though so she is working out with me!! Today i did a power walk/ jog / workout for almost 2 hours so i feel great about that!!
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No, a 70 pound weight gain is neither common nor recommended.  Generally, 25-30# is recommended (depending on prepregnancy condition/wt), probably 30-45# is "common".

Cardio, exercise, lowering your caloric intake, walking/jogging..unfortunately those are the best and time proven ways to lose weight.  Not easy, not quick.  Try www.sparkpeople.com for a great way (FREE) way to track your calories, get motivated, chat, forums, and get accurate nutritional info to lose weight.  
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I didnt recommend that anyone gain 70 lbs while pregnant, but it IS COMMON for women to gain that much. The ideal weight gain is 30 to 40 lbs but many women gain more.
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It is definately not common to gain that much.  Even gaining over 50 is not terribly common.  30-45 is "common" amount of weight gain, but even that is over what is recommended, unless a woman us underweight prior to pregnancy.  

Women are generally poorly informed about the importance of weight control during pregnancy.  It has effects both during and long after pregnancy.

Anytime we see a pregnant woman who has gained over 50-60 pounds, you must look at whether gestation diabetes is playing a role, watch for developing gestional hypertensive disease, and be prepared for macrosomia at delivery.  Fetuses of women who gained that much weight are at risk for neonatal hypoglycemia, too.  
Excessive weight gain during pregnancy can also signal a tendency towards later obesity, and post menopausal breast cancer.

Sure, I've seen pregnant women who've gained 70 pounds.  Not often, but I've seen them.  45-50# I would stretch to consider the upper limits of "common", but still excessive by any means.  

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i lost 70 lbs , but it took a year. i rode excercise bike for 20 minutes a day every other day, then on days that i didnt ride bike, i used weight machinne. plus i watched what i ate, no cookies, chocolate, started eating fruits, and yougart, tuna fish. and hardly any fried foods. plus i started drinking a gallon of water a day. you can do it and dont weigh yourself every day, it will only depress you. when u do weigh try to do it at same time of day. good luck, you can do it.
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Im 18 years old and am 6'1" I gained 70lbs during my pregnancy!!!  But maybe that is more normal for a taller women.  What do yall think?
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I gained a lot of weight with both my kids even with eating good and working out some. The first kid I had pre-eclampsia so alot of it was water but my kids were big too. 1st was 10.5 on time, second was 8.6 3 weeks early.

I lost the weight by doing cardio 6 times a week and weight training 3-5 times a week. I ate every 3 hours small meals and I did weight myself every am and pm to keep myself motivated and honest with myself.

Keep a food journal, and find out what your BMI and TDEE is google them and you will find out how many calories to eat in a day. BMI tells you how many caloreis to eat in a day to maintain your curant weight and the TDEE tells you how many calories you burn during activaty. then I would recommend decreasing by 500-750 calories a day.

I wish you well

I breastfed and lost very little. I had to work at it.

Now after my second child I was very sick for a few years so I had to wait to loose the weight and still working. :)
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Good luck on a high-carb diet losing 70#. My guess is you will give up before you reach your goals. It takes too long.

You might want to consider a low carb plan plus exercise, just because the weight will come off more quickly.  That can be motivating to continue doing it.  There's nothing worse than seeing weight losses of 1-2# a week and realizing that it could take close to a year or more to realize your goals.  With low carb, it will come off faster and you'll feel better because you won't have the blood sugar swings that accompany high-carb foods.

And before anybody jumps in and says how "unhealthy" low carb is, I've been doing LC for almost 20 years, I'm running the San Francisco Marathon at the end of this month, and every time I go to the doctor, he says, "Keep doing what you're doing."  So don't worry - it's not a death sentence by any stretch.

Just something to think about.
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i gained 70 lbs also and i know alot of popel who did i bought an elliptical at walmart  for $170 and when ever Brianna (my 6 week old daughter) takes naps i go on that and watch tv and i drink alot of water and try to watch what i eat.
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i am 22, i gained 40 pounds while pregnant and 30 more when i got on the depo-provera shot....i was 155 b4 and 220 now....im doing low carb and cardio now....i just hope it works
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I've lost 70 lbs in the last 3 months. I run about a mile and walk at least 2 miles 5 times a week.  I ride 5 miles on my stationary bike on days I run and walk and 10 miles on days i do not.  I started off with a 600 calorie diet (mostly carbs ex. breads with at least 22 grams of whole grains) for the first two months and I'm now up to about 1500 calories a day (~%60 carbs).  Try to stay away from carbs at night (mostly salads & protiens).  Treat yourself to a high calorie meal about once a week, but don't be stupid.  Eat meats only 3-4 times a week.  Do not start to exercise until you achieve a good bit of weight loss.  The first month I was achieving 10-12 lbs a week with diet alone.  Read up on how to avoid workout injuries or you will severely hinder progress.  Go to a running specialty store in your area to get shoes fitted for your activity of choice.  Take a diet pill (I take Hydroxycut at way less than the recommended dose) and vitamins like multivitamin, vitamin C,  and fish oil as these will help up your metabolism and energy levels.  I look great and feel even better.  Make sure to tone up with weights and be sure to workout your core (an exercise ball is the best way).  
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This is for nowhereschild, how incredibly insensitive of you to use this forum as a soapbox to air your opinions on what is normal for weight gain! I too gained over 70lbs with my preg, I did not have diabetes, did not gorge food, exercised daily and was neither over/underweight prior to getting pregnant-in fact the total opposite!! This is just what happened when I became pregnant-PLAIN n SIMPLE!!! the preg was completely healthy, my child is wonderful and this guideline of only 20-30lbs is not only outdated it is highly unrealistic and has led to some women not giving their fetus proper nutrients in order to fall under these limits. If a woman's pregnancy has concerns they will be related to much more than weight gain and more importantly this post was originally for advice and support not for you to tell everyone what is deemed normal according to ....what...your opinion? Well it must be so nice to be perfect, God forbid you or someone close to you gain any weight you feel is not "normal" Shame on you-BTW I joined this community specifically to write this as I found your answer on line and was disgusted by it. As for the original post-You can do whatever you put your mind to sweetie and if you dont end up losing all the weight gained at least you are healthy and going in  the right direction. Enjoy your baby, time goes by way to fast to spend it worrying about the weight-good luck, and keep up the cardio
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you are absolutely right.  Whatever the reason for the weight gain telling anyone they are abnormal is not exactly contributing encouragement. I'm 50 lbs. overweight from hurting my back. And just generally loving food. I've lost alot of the total amt already but the last 50 just wont leave ha ha.  to complicate matters i'm 35 and had bulema and anorexia in my early 20's so my family is constantly bringing me food during my "recuperation" .  So it's a balancing act to just stay healthy. I trust in the anonymous support i receive from strangers since any mention of weight just gets people ansy around here. Let's try to remember that no matter the reason we're all in this together whether we know each other or not  
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Well I'm 11, and this morning i weighed 121.9 pounds. Last June, I measured 5' 4", and since then I've grown, but I still feel overweight. My mom says not to worry, and to just cut out unnecessary "binging", but carbohydrates are a staple in my life, so that is hard. Indians always eat rice, and fried foods, so its hard to hold back, and recently I lost 6.1 pounds, but ever since my sister said her friends laughed at me when i joined summer soccer, I've been afraid to do sports. Now, in the evening, I dailily go outside and play with both of my sisters, but I really need help. I can't go to a gym or anything, and I try to diet, but in school it gets hard.

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I gained 46 with my first, 70 with my second, and 60 with my third. My friend gained 60 with hers, and then my sister in law gained 10 with hers. It's IS COMMON to gain that much weight, but it IS NOT recommended. Anyone who tells you that it's not common happening, isn't telling you the truth.

With my first I ate everything, all the time! I was told it would 'just come off', which it didn't for me. My second, I was more conscientious about my eating, but I gained even more. With my third, I was tired all of the time, so I didn't get to move & exercise, but I did watch what I ate, still packed on the pounds.
My sister-in-law drank soda, and ate whatever she pleased, gained 10lbs.

Eatingwell.com has great recipes & calorie measured meals.
Bodybugg.com sells a great little calorie counting tool.
***********.com, another wonderful site that offers a forum, recipes, calorie counting & nutrition info.
I use all three, I'm training for a 5k, and I use my Wii for the workouts on the days I'm not training. It's a slow process that I don't always follow sometimes for months at a time because I lose track of my goal, but I'm down 25 since dec 2009.
So being active, (being young helps you too!), having a good support team, and the tools to make the correct decisions are all must haves :)

I realize now it's been over 4 years since your original post! Ha!
Oh well, maybe someone else will benefit from this ;)
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I don't know why this isn't getting through?

spark people *******
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Every human body is unique and your BMR or basal metabolic rate differs from one another.

According to your BMR you have to regulate your eating habits.

During pregnancy it is common to rest and increase the amount of calories, my suggestion to pregnant women is to increase the protein, vitamins and minerals. Avoid fried food, fast food, junk food and desserts completely.

With increase in age you need lesser calories in your diet and it is difficult to lose the extra weight with increase in age. An 18-20 year old in 1st pregnancy can easily lose the extra baggage compared to 30+ pregnant woman.

Absolute breast feeding for 6 months is the best method to lose weight along with cardio activities after you deliver your baby.

Take care!
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