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I was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency and I've been taking GH injections daily. I started the therapy 3 weeks ago.

does anyone know how long it will take for me to start the feel the difference and the GH working?

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Hi Alex,
How are you feeling?
How old are you?
You told you have being diagnosed as having Growth hormone deficiency. What symptoms you were having?
Why was growth hormone deficiency suspected?
I need to know the dose of growth hormone you are on.
It depends on symptoms what you had to know the response of growth hormone.
Keep me informed.
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i'm 33 years old

for the last 8 years I've had muscle loss,fatigue,  weight gain in chest and stomach, weight loss in arms, neck, legs, groin,

i was initially tested for cushings syndrome after an elevated acth and  cortisol. During the cushing testings they tested GH and it was low. I took a GH stim test and failed the stim test. Cushings was ruled out after further testing.MRI of pituatary was clean.

i'm on 0.2 of genotropin.
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How are you feeling generally?
Do you feel any of your symptoms has reversed after starting Human growth hormone (HGH)?
I think it will take time for effects to show with this dose of 0.2.
I think you need to consult back your endocrinologist, and consider about increasing the dose of HGH.
Usually it is started at the dose of 1 unit before going to bedtime.
Keep me informed.
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Im taking the same dose. Sounds about right to start. I started one week and one day ago. I heard 3-6 months to feel the difference.
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