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Headaches when working out. What could be wrong

Whenever im pushing myself during working out, whether its a set of push ups or lifting weights at the end of the set when im really pushing like when my face will get red, i will get a pretty bad headache pretty much forcing me to discontinue the workout.  Just has started happening the last week, but it always seems to happen. Do I have a brain tumor or something, whats wrong? =(  

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Ok i have kiinda a weird symptom simular to this. I was also working out one day last set last rep strained and had a huge head ache in the back of my head on the right side right above my neck. It felt like i stained my seck sort of but i can definitely tell it has something to do with my breating and also some exercises or movments. Ok but heres the reallly weird thing. This happened aobut a week ago, i went to work out a couple days ago and slightly came back again(not weird part). Ok the reallly weird part is yesterday and this mortning when i was using the restroom there was a good amount of blood mixed in with the stool. Im only 20 and in good shape, dont drink much smoke some but generally healthy. Was wondering if the blood could have been cause by this straining and headache i had. When it happened yesterday it was a very good about of blood mixed in adn today not so much just a slight amount. Hoping this isnt colon cancer or anything as i dont have insurance at the moment which i found out yetsterday while talking to my dad. Any advice would b much appreciated.
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also i got the head ache again the day before yesterday while yelling at a parent who wouldnt shut up at a football game, im an official. Also a couple days before that while working out for the first time since it first happened
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go to a neuro or chiropractic, my mom had the same problem.
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hello all,

was searching on th net for "types of head aces" when i found this site...
same symptons, severe head ache will doing weights, real pulsing sensation, feel like my head is going to explode, feel every heart beat as well firing off in my head, hands pressed to either side of my head...
also during "a work out" with my girl friend the same thing happened...

i have a dull head ache after, neck pain as well, right at the top where my neck joins to my head...

does this go away by it self, should i get it checked by a dr, will a dr be aware of this type of thing, did any body get brushed of by their dr...?

please advise on what to do...
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I have been dealing with migraines since I was 14, now I am 21 and still deal with them on a daily basis. Dr's finally ran some tests when I was 16 and discovered a beignen tumor in my heart (this was suppose to be the reasoning behind my migraines) they went away for a few months and then came back full fledge ever since. I cannot work out, I cannot be in the sunlight for too long, Over sleep, under sleep, cannot be around flouresent lights (which are in every store, gym, dr. offices, schools, etc) Ive been on every single medication for migraines that they've come out with. Nothing works...  I would love to be able to workout once again but anything with alot of head movement (sit ups, pushups, running) Im out for 2 days. I just want them to figure out what is wrong already, its been 7 years of a lot of restrictions. I just want to live a normal lifestyle. HELP!
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strong i believe it has something to do with poor circulation! not enough oxygen and energy being transported to the brain. think you'll need to stop and take deep breaths. also see your physician could be mild stroke or something my uncle stuffer those but it may differ with each individual.

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