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Help! I need to get rid of this CELLULITE!!!!!!!! Please help!

Hi!  I am 34 years old, 5'2",  110lbs.....not overweight or anyhting.  I work out frequently and trying to eat well......take supplements like Nopalina and others.....here is my biggest problem....CELLULITE!  I can work on my abs and see the results, I can work out every part of my body and see results but my butt and upper thights and even calves are horrible....I ask my husband if he can see it and he says no!  He is a good liar I guess because it is there, I see it!  I am going on a cruise in AUgust and would like to be able to wear my bathing suit without having to hide all the time.....I am considering Vela smooth or mesotherapy or anything that could help me get over this but I wonder if it is worth the money, the time, etc...I tell you, I am just desperate and getting frustrated with it...any help will be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!
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I have heard that mesotheropy works.
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"live4fitness," there is only one "o" in mesotherapy.  

Mesotherapy is not endorsed by the American Society of Dermatologic Surgeons. There hasn't been enough research on it to determine how effective it actually is.

But it's your money.

Cellulite is definitely unattractive, but you could go a couple of ways here. For starters, why do you care so much about what other people think? Consider yourself lucky if you have good health and can engage in sports on a regular basis. Many people can't. So maybe the first thing you need is an attitude adjustment.

There's also two places you can make adjustments in your diet and exercise regimen, and I doubt you are doing either one right now.  First off, cut the carbs. To nothing. Zero carbs. There is evidence that glucose (the stuff that carbs are made of) is damaging to the collagen of the skin. It's  a brand new study, just out. Glucose is actually damaging in many ways.  It encourages wrinkles (that's the collagen thing). It damages nerves. It causes tumor growth in cancerous cells, which thrive on glucose. It messes with insulin levels, which cause diabetes and can do even more damage to the neurological and physiologic pathways in your body.

Now, if glucose is damaging to collagen, which they just discovered it is, don't you think it's possible that the fibrous tissue that is found between the spaces of your cellulite might actually improve if you cut out the carbs, which is the source of the glucose?  There's no harm in trying. But I doubt you will do this. Most people are too resistant to a no-carb diet to even attempt it. You might want to look at low-carb AND low-calorie. Again, no harm in trying. You'll really start dipping into whatever fat stores you have.  And your cellulite is FAT.  Sooner or later, it'll get used if you do the right things with your body, like knock out carbs.  ("live4fitness" will also come on here and attempt to discourage  you).

The second thing you should be doing, which I'm sure you are not doing, is a training regimen that reaches bodybuilding levels. I'm talking some serious lifting and a serious and hard-core program of weightlifting.  Total body. Forget about your "workout videos." Forget about piddly little dumbbells. Forget about 20 crunches on the living room rug. I'm talking hard-core. Hire a personal trainer, find a gym with some hardcore equipment and machines, and get to work. It'll get you buff beyond belief, which is what you want, because ultimately cellulite is simply fat, and if you work hard enough, it will burn off. It's just more stubborn fat. But you have to burn it up  eventually if you work hard enough.

Knock your carbs down to 0. You can try counting calories as well to burn your fat even faster. Get  into a serious bodybuilding training program. See where you are in a month.

Or spend $500-700 per treatment over a dozen visits or so on an unproven medical procedure that  isn't even endorsed by the American Society of  Dermatologic Surgery.

Somehow, I have a feeling I know which option you'll choose. Cie la vie.
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WOW  that was real supportive!
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She didn't ask for support. She asked for solutions. I gave her two, both of which have a high likelihood of producing the results she wants if she follows them.

You offered a "solution" that, with a simple google search, indicates a high likelihood of not being a solution at all, but simply a way to separate her from her money.

So who's being more "supportive?"  
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Hi BB,
I have been following your post for a while, and totally admire you for your determination to let people know what has been proven to be the healthiest way of eating (high fat, moderate protein, no carb or very low carb).  Right now I am seven months pregnant and even though I was eating no carb before I completely got addicted again to sugar, more specifically to sugary fruits, which i know is not good, as a matter of fact I have develop gestational diabetes...anyways I just wanted to drop a note that you are an inspiration for me to get back on track enen though I am really having a hard time controlling my huge cravings for sugar, which I didn't have before being pregnant (I have gained a lot of weight because of it-35 lbs).  If you have any comments I woul really appreciate it...(and suggestions for my after pregnancy reality)...Sorry if my english is not the best, english is not my mother language.  I hope you keep posting your thoughts and experiences since out of all people in the forum your knowledge is back up by hard scientific evidence...Take care.
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Yes, I was also shocked by the comments that people posted everytime he tried to help peopla...he was not trying to impose his knowlege to anybody, but he was definitely trying to educate people on what has been proven over an over again to be the healthiest way of treating your body...he speaks not only  about food but also exercise.  I hope you were able to find that link to what they called in that forum "Bear words of wisdom" because it is actually a compilation of those posts of his on that forum that you are talking about.
Thank you for the tip on that book...I will be on the look out for it.
Talk to you soon.
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Hi bb,
The name of the book by Gary Taubes is "Good Calories, Bad Calories" and according to Amazon.com it will be out Sept/25/2007.
This is one of the editorial reviews:
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Thank you for the kind words. Congratulations on the pregnancy!  I'm guessing  because of all the hormonal fluctuations, you may have had cravings that got away from you, eating sugars and stuff. That's understandable. The best thing to do would be to get back on your low/no carb plan after the baby's birth, or as close to the plan as you can. If you will be breastfeeding, you'll need more calories so keep that in mind as well.

I don't know enough about gestational diabetes to know if your blood sugar will stabilize after the pregnancy, but I'm sure your doctor will check your blood sugar levels after the birth. Either way, no/low carb will keep your blood sugar stable and low after the birth, so that would be another  reason to start up the diet again.

I'm glad to hear of someone else around here who had success with a low-carb diet. It's just a matter of time before "mainstream" scientists get  on the low-carb train. Evidence continues to mount that this is the healthiest way to eat. Much of the research is kept away from the public, or if it is reported, they will slap a disclaimer on it saying, "Yes, we found that cholesterol levels improved and weight loss was easier on low carb, but this still isn't healthy!"  Stuff like that. It's really a shame.  

As you can see from the majority of attitudes on this forum alone, people are resistant to it and ridicule it.  The brainwashing is amazing.  40 years of the "low-fat" diet have destroyed the health of millions of people, and I think it's about time people acknowledged that the "low-fat" myth is just that - a myth. It doesn't work. It does nothing to prevent heart disease or strokes and contributes to weight gain and diabetes.

Good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy. Keep us  posted on how you are doing!
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Thank you for your recommendations...and I absolutely agree with your feelings regarding the way we are told to eat know days...I don't know if you go to this forum "Active No-Carbers", the link is: http://activenocarber.myfreeforum.org/, it was set up based on the way that a person called "Bear" have been eating for the last 47 or 48 years of his life, I believe he is around 70 years old by now...but anyway you may want to check it out, and in the stickys there is one caled "Bear's words of wisdom" tat is worth checking it out.  

By the way do you eat cheese along with meat, lamb, chicken, seafood, etc. ?

Again thanks a lot for your prompt response, it helps me since my no-carb diet has never been welcome by any of the people around me eventhough I always feel and look much better than any of them...and I am not being egocentric is just the reality...but anyway I will definitely need willpower to get to my old healthy zero carb way, but once I get myself together and start feeling good again I know it will be easy. I will keep in touch with you through here if you don't mind.
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I've seen the "Bear" thread over on the low-carb forum, last year I saw it.  Very interesting. He is amazing!  I'll check out the other website, too.   I  was shocked to see him treated with such disrespect over there, though. It was horrible the way  he was chastised. No wonder he never went back there.

Yes, it's pretty frustrating dealing with everybody who buys into the party line on high-carb. Sooner or later, they will come around. Gary Taubes is writing a book about the myth of the high-carb diet and about the efficacy of low-carb,  and it should  be out  in September or so, so watch for that on amazon.com. I don't know the title, but I am hoping it will revive the low carb way of eating so that it becomes more mainstream. He has a great reputation as a science writer, so I think this topic is in good hands with him.  We have a lot of mythology to overcome, and it will take  a lot for these researchers  who have been wrong all these years to admit their mistakes.

I eat cheese several times a week, usually with steak or as a snack. I never got "bound up"  with cheese the way some people do. I guess some folks are  more tolerant of the dairy in cheese.

Take care. : )  
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Thanks for the link to Taubes...GREAT ARTICLE!!
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Thanks. I thought so too.
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