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Help!!! Hypothyroid Not Losing Weight...

I am at the point of desperation here.  I am 35 years old.  I have post partum hypothyroidism.  My daughter is two years old.  I started gaining weight when she turned 1 and found out I had hypothyroidism.  To the point...I have been working out for 2 months, consistently 5 days per week includes 30 of rigorous cardio and 30 of weight training.  I have been eating around 1200 to 14000 calories per day.  I take 175 mcg of Synthroid everyday.  I am NOT losing weight, as a matter of a fact I have gained a few pounds when I took my medication late.  I am SO frustrated. I am starting to lose my zest.  I am really doing exactly what I am supposed to but my metabolism refuses to kick in.  I am at the point of near breakdown.  I am 5'3" and weigh 190 lbs.  I don't know what to do.  Doctors say well you are eating too much, no I am NOT.  I am exercising and eating right.  I am NOT losing any weight.  I am at the point of just quitting the exercise eat/well plan I am not seeing any results.  Please Help.
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are your tsh/t4 levels within normal limits?
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My last TSH level was .217 for August and .552 for June...August is so low because my medicine was switched by the pharmacy and i had to switch back to name brand synthroid, my doc is rechecking a the end of the month.
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since you started working out 2 mos ago and your levels aren't completely regulated, I'm sure it's not helping matters with regard to your weight.  Even when you increase your synthroid it may take 3-4 weeks for it to fully 'kick in' and get your levels up to speed.

Also, the current recommendation for exercise with regard to wt loss is at least 6 days per week for at least 90 minutes.
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I apologize, I read through you post too quickly not paying attention to your actual numbers.  normal tsh is 0.27-4.2 so just going by that, it would appear from your August lab results that you are hyperthyroid, over overmedicated on synthroid (which would not cause resistance to weight loss).

I would still increase the exercise to 6d/wk for 90 min
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Thanks for the advice, my only question is how do I make time to exercise 90 minutes a day six days a week???  I will implement this program starting on Monday and see what happens.
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I have hypothyroidism as well right now due to removal of my thyroid.  I am currently on Synthroid and trying to regulate the level and at the same time lose weight.  I found that once I started measuring my portions and writing everything down that I ate, the weight started to drop off.  Portion control is so important.  Weight watchers is helping me with this endeavor of the never ending battle of the bulge.  Just a thought.  Good Luck.
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I have hypothyroid and I just had another visit with my doctor and my levels are normal.  So my medication dose not need any adjusting.
I have been working out 5 days a week 60 minutes of cardo and 45min of strength training.  I eat right no fried foods,  chicken, tuna ,fish veggies.   I even went on nutrisystem and I'm still not losing the weight.
I'm 25 pounds over  what I should be.  What else can I do?
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Remember the golden rule " You cannot put on weight if you take more than what your body wants"
If you take a litre of water and weigh yourself immidiately you weigh more.
So you have to check your weight in the morning and have to plan your diet near a dietician and follow the regime.
1200 cals - 1400 cals exactly in 4-5 divided small meals with high fibre, protein and working out to lose 500 to 700-1000 cals gradually will make you lose weight and perfectly. Go to a fitness adviser to get the best ways you burn more calories.
Change in lifestyle is essential to you. Walk to the grocery, bicycle to get your daily needs, take staricase always, move around while talking on a phone(cordless) so on and so forth.
You will lose weight, Best of luck!
Take care!
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I know how you feel.  I was diagnosed as being hypothyroid and started medication in February.  I was actually slightly overmedicated at first and went hyperthyroid...now my levels seem to be perfect with my current dosage.  I too was unable to lose weight even though I was working out (something I wasn't able to do before because of the hypothyroid symptoms), eating healthier, etc.  I couldn't lose weight-no matter what I did.  

For another reason, I recently gave up refined sugar and refined carbohydrates.  I'm on day 19 and have lost about 7 lbs.  I also keep a food journal and notice that this has drastically reduced my caloric intake (which is probably the reason I'm finally starting to lose weight).  I notice that I'm not as hungry and feel full and satisfied after a meal (I'm not always looking for something else).  It's definitely not easy, but I have noticed my overall health improve.
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Good! Sugars and refined carbs is the good way to go.
When you have something sweet, nice choclate your insulin gets secreted and you will feel good, nice, content, satisfied so if you avoid that you control your hormones also!
Next you avoid food which has fats, butter and oils in it.
Always have milk and milk products which are double toned!

These simple things in diet correction will take you a long way, continue the cardio and do not stress yourself and take your medications perfectly.
Take care!
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I have hypothyroid myself I am 31 year old and have been on the meds for 4 years I worked out 6 days a week 2 hours a day and ate only 1100cals a day since my levels have been normal since I started the meds but I have not lost a single pound I leveled off till about a year ago when I had to stop all the working out due to savere arthritis I broke 6 bones in a matter of 4 months so all I can do now is swim and I'm gaining even more weight and I'm down to 1000cals a day. No fat, no sugar, no salt only whole wheats. I have tryed everything to lose weight and I havent lost any.
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Good work, infact great work!
Can you do two things?:
1) Go to a professional dietician and exactly fix the 1000 -1200 cals and discuss whatever you eat and stick to that.
2) Go to a Physiotherapist and combined with swimming  discuss what exercise you can do, without hurting yourself. (you have to lose 500 cals per day)

Have compassion, self belief and you can achieve it.
Please come back to us for further queries and i am impressed by your efforts, keep going.
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