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High heart rate during exercise

I am a new paramedic, and I recently took the physical fitness test at the hospital.  I was told that as a 33 year old female, my maximum heart rate should be around 158 during activity.  It was 198 at one point.  Unfortunately my active heart rate has always been high, and until this test, it has never been a problem.  I was told I need to figure out how to correct this.  Any ideas? Certain exercises, or medications?
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You could try yoga. It's a calming exercise. Maybe just walking for cardio exercise. Also, stay away from caffiene.  Oh, and make sure you don't get dehydrated, that will cause the heart rate to go up too.  I am 38 yr old female and my heart rate sometimes goes to 200+bpm during exercise. I also get pain when it's that high.  Dr. put me on a beta blocker to slow the heart rate down.  Check with your doctor about what might help you.  Good luck!
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I am having the same problem. I can't figure it out at all. I am only 22, female, 5'5", 116, vegetarian, don't smoke....very healthy. I have super low blood pressure but my resting and exercising heart rates are extremely high. I went to a cardiologist and they told me I was just out of shape. I have been working out at least 5 days a week for 2 monthsnow, 2 hr's a day, 45 minutes of consecutive cardio each day, and my heart rate isn't budging. If you figure out something that works, please post it. I feel like I'm doing everything and am at a loss.
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I'm not a doctor or anything, but I do think some people just have higher exercise heart rates.  I am a 22yo female, 5'2", 108 lbs., and run three miles a day (not very fast--about 11 min/mile).  My heart rate reaches or exceeds 200 bpm at least once every run, and when I was on a Holter monitor a couple years ago (was having some palpitations checked out) I worked out and at one point got it up to 211.  My resting rate is in the mid 50's, which is down a bit from what it was when I started running (was in the mid 60's).  Now I usually wear a HR monitor while running and I have seen readings of 217 and 218 a couple of times that I think might have been legitimate readings as opposed to resulting from some interference, but I can't be sure on that.  When my heart rate gets really high like that, I do feel like I'm working very hard but I don't feel sick or anything--it just seems to be a normal occurrence for me.  So I guess what I'm saying is "join the club".  The number you were given for what your HR should have been may have come from the target HR formula that uses 220-age for your maximum rate.  That formula is an average and does not hold for everyone--maybe you're just someone who has a higher max HR.  (Personally I think that formula should be defenestrated--if you don't know what that means, look it up).  What did the physical fitness test involve?  I would be curious to know how strenuous it is.  Also, how were you feeling at the time your heart rate was so high?  Were you feeling OK and just feeling like you were working hard, or did you feel weak/dizzy/otherwise yucky?  If you were feeling bad, that would seem to make it more of a cause for concern.
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May I ask what your resting and exercise heart rates are?  How high is "extremely high"?  Also, what type of exercise do you do during your workouts?
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When stress, like exercise, increases the heart rate, it makes you a higher risk for stroke and heart attack in this profession.  Since the stress levels suffered by EMTs in emergency situations, your heart rate may prevent you from getting and keeping a job.  Alot of time exercises that are aerobic bring down the heart rate.  Biking, swimming, low impact aerobics and power walking are good exercises that will give you a good workout without raising your heart rate too high.  If it continues to be high, then have the MD order a PET stress test to checkout the stress on the heart. good luck
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Hello.  Could you tell me what a PET stress test is? I had a treadmill stress test with thalium, is that the same?
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