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How do I lose 10kgs in 2 months?

Im really self conscious about my weight and I would love to lose about 10 kegs in 2 months. I understand that it's a really hard goal but I REALLY want to lose atleast some weight. Any tips ?
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It's one thing to lose weight, another to lose a specific amount in a short amount of time.  Losing slowly and steadily by changing your lifestyle and diet is the way to go, but nobody can tell you how quickly the weight will come off.  It depends on your metabolism, how much exercise you can handle, and how disciplined and knowledgeable you are about eating healthfully.  
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It's good to be self-conscious and to maintain a certain amount of weight, however to lose a lot of kilograms in as early of 2 months is something I deemed unhealthy. You will be putting yourself through a lot in order to reach that goal and it will have an effect on your health.

The right way of being self-conscious is to moderately, consistently lose weight in the right amount of time. Proper diet and proper exercise is all you need. Don't consider those diet pills, they would do more harm than good. Just be discipline and dedicated to your healthy ways.

I also recommend a dietitian and a physical therapist in order to monitor your progress and to help you create a plan.
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Relax, please. I think you are still young, how old are you thought? The best think you can do is read some on nutrition. Here's some info that will help you make some healthy choices....
1. Gaining and losing weight is based on how many calories a person eats compared to how many calories that person uses or burns in a day. Eat more than you burn; you gain. Burn more than you eat; you lose.
2. Sweets aren't a great choice, but as part of a balanced diet, most people can eat a variety of food. The key is to understand how many calories are in that item and how to adjust the rest of what you eat. A diet that has lots of fresh veggies and appropriate amounts of lean protein, dairy, fruits and grains is fine.
3. Sit ups and exercises like those tone muscles, but don't burn very many calories. Aerobic or cardio exercises (like running, biking, playing soccer, or taking a dance class) burn calories. If you want to burn fat, you need to do some form of cardio exercise every day. It is great to tone your muscles too.
4. Water is the best thing you can drink. Try to limit soda (even diet), milk, and juice. There is a lot of sugar and unneeded calories is those liquids.
5. Consider looking at a Weight Watchers plan. This is a reasonable eating plan with normal food.

Make sure to consider strength training as well. You can read more about losing weight on this site.

Hope I have help you here. Good luck!
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Losing weight steadily with the healthy diet and workout is a nice way to shed extra pounds. I have lost 10lbs in 2 months with the help of appetite suppressant pills Regenon and healthy diet plan. You can try these meds for reducing weight fast.
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It depends on your general condition. But...why in two months? You can lose weight slowly by changing your eating, daily sport, etc. It's much more easier.
Losing 10 kilos is not easy. I know someone who wanted to lose more than 15 kilos fast and she opted for weight loss procedure abroad because of money and of quality. If you want, I can give you her e-mail and talk about more details if you're interested. Good luck!  
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