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How long

I went to the gym for about 3hours working on back legs and chest I also walked the and back home all so about 5.5 miles. I workout a lot but befor that day I didn't work out for like 4days. After I went home I felt twitching a lot all over my body I felt weak my shoulder I think it got an injury cause it makes my head hurt and throat the twitching stops when I'm not laying down or sitting and the twitch is not as bad as it was the first 2 days. I feel joint pain in my fingers when I unfold my fist after making a grip and also my rist. I feel tinging in my left hand when I turn clockwise or stretch it out my leg muscles hurt when I walk my back muscles hurt as well I feel weak I feel dehydrated and I been drink a lot of water which I end up peeing a lot. Also when I went to the gym it was really hot and I sweat a lot my throat is dry and it hard to swallow something. I think I have some nerve damage in my left arm if any one has ever got this how long does it take to get batter I need to get back to work and I miss the gym is my shoulder injured how long is that take to get well and what's up with the twitching I understand the muscle pain but the twitching and do I have nerve damage tingling in my left arm if I do can it get batter on its on or nahhhhhhhhh
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I'm no expert, but the issues you are describing with your arm and shoulder pain/twitching could be due to a pinched nerve. A doctor could probably sort you out if you don't get better in a few days.
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