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How to exercise at home?

I'm 14 and I really need to lose weight. I have tried going on a diet and not eating a lot, but that would be a bad thing to try now that I'm PMSing. I always fail at dieting. Anyways, does anybody have some exercises or suggestions on how to lose weight at home. I also currently have a broken wrist, so nothing that will affect that. Also, I am not gonna go to any type of gym or anything and I don't really wanna do anything around the neighborhood because there are bad people around. So, only exercises I can do at home.
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You should not go to Gym at your age. Teenage is the best time for sports, if possible you can join swimming. If not you try doing skipping, jogging in the neighbourhood, floor exercises, yoga, basketball etc.
Calculate your BMI and also according to your age prepare a neat diet chart and stick to that. Do not consume fried food, desserts, choclates, icecreams, fast foods, etc.
Exercise combined with Diet will do wonders on you. Take care!
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You don't mention how overweight you are but walking is the best thing to start out with.  If the neighborhood isn't safe a treadmill is an excellent choice.  But they are expensive and take up a lot of room.  If that isn't an option, how about workout dvds.

There are some really good ones out there.  If you're not real coordinated, the power yoga for beginners is a good.  You'll build muscle as well as get a good cardio workout.  They are very easy routines to learn.  Look up Ellen Barrett's Crunch Super Slimdown Pilates Yoga blend on amazon.  And don't let the title scare you.  It's a very nice work out routine.

I have found that if you think of getting all your sweets from fruit insteat of of the usual candy, ice cream, cake that will help a lot.  Also try Lays Baked chips instead of regular ones.  Just make those simple changes and see how it goes.  

Good luck.
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I would like to add one more thing is the fast foods at school should be avoided by all children. Eat more of natural foods, which is good for youngsters.
And children who are overweight can start walking to school, (if it is nearer), cycling, walking to the grocery, walking in the neighbourhood, using TV buttons instead of remote and stuff like making you move and work all the time. This is enough for children combined with some sport.
Come back to us with further queries, take care!
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what helped me before i got pregnant now i do not diet but i swiched to all water some juice.fruits for snack.eat really slow so ur tummy can recanize ur getting full and drink water at lunch n dinner.if u have steps walk up and down them few times a day drink water in between.walk around ur backyard if u have one.i was 220 and went down to 190 and got pregnant now at 197.just from swiching to water and eating fruit instead of junk food i can not even really eat junk food nomore makes me sick and fast food gets me sick from not eating it in so long if u stop awhile then ur body should not want it anymore u should not crave it.it is a long road and it is not easy.but u will get there.
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I agree with that as everything is a mind game.
Determination is required for eating balanced diet.
"You do not restrict food, you eat proper food"
Fruits,Salads, fibre rich carbohydrates, proteins are the best!
Take care
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Hi ladybug. I see you posted this in July and I hope you are starting to find things that are working for you. I have struggled with my weight all my life. As a child I was overweight and teased by family members, as a teenager I became anorexic and bulemic. Please do not go this route it royally messes you up internally. I'm in my 20's now and I'm finally getting a grasp on this whole weight issue thing. please listen to me. If your worried about guys just remember that evryone is attracted to something different. Some guys like us small, some like us big, some like us athletic. Some guys are boob guys some guys are butt guys, you get where I'm going with this right? Someday you will find someone to date that will love you for you, trust me. Also restricting to many calories or "cravers" as I call them, typically foods I want a lot like ice cream. LOL. Will lead to "binge" eating. It's like putting candy in front of a 5 year old and saying don't touch it. Of course there going to sneak it, eat it all and then feel guilty right? I limit my portions. I try to stay within a 1200- 1400 calorie diet. It's safe and on some days you can splurge. :-) I hear you on the whole pmsing thing, man I get gnarly headaches, tired all the time and I'm cold before my period. I allow 2 days before my period where i let myself eat what I crave. You will learn your body and what it requires. The excercising part, pick up a Self magazine or log onto Self.com. You can do their body challenge or their goal programs for free. It keeps track of all your progress and it gives you great foods and ideas on cheater foods. One of my fave snacks is the chips and salsa! Oh also the fudge pops. MMMmmmm!!!! Trust me doll, your young and if you listen to your body you will learn what it needs. hang in there, you'll get it. Ohhh I also really like Hip Hop Abs and Yoga Booty Ballet, 2 at home DVD's that you can do. Have fun looking!
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