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I'm a fat nerd who spends most of my time indoors and i need help. How do i begin to get to a healthy weight range and how do i maintain it. What should i eat? what shouldn't i eat? helpppppppp.
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btw im 178CM tall and im 75KG
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The best foods to eat are fresh vegetables and steamed fish.
Drink green tea and lots of water. Support is important. Tops taking off pounds sensibly is a good support group. I think you can participate on line. Then pick a sport. Swim, bike or walk. Or team sports. Basketball, tennis or join a gym and lift weights and go to aerobics class.
  You should get a check- up with your Dr first. Have your thyroid checked too. Good luck. Keep posting!  Maxy
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first: never give up on yourself, because you will lose your Motivaton for you're weight loss.

Second: try to eat everyday a little less that the day before…when you keep going, you will never eat so much as before.

Third: i think you do have a smartphone
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if your usually sitting down then try switching your computer chair to a yogi ball. yoga balls enhance your stabilizing muscles and core without you even realizing it, so you will burn more cals that if you were just sitting in a chair all day. another thing is switching out all caffinated drinks for water. lets say you drink 5 caffinated things a day, then one day do 4 and then maybe the next week switch it to 3 and the next day 2 and maybe after a month ylu'll be strictly on water! rather than eating snacks eat fruits and vegetables
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eat every thing but with a limit and exercise
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