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I'm Struggling to lose weight and I can't figure out how to start losing again.

I had been in a ski accident back in Feb and am still recovering. At PT last week, they told me that to prevent future dislocations of my shoulder, I need to exercise my shoulders (front and back -- all muscles) to keep it strong. I know of 4 exercises to do, but, am wondering about variations or other exercises I can do that will be good for continued healing of my left shoulder.

Also, the right side of my left calf, I have 0 muscle activity in that area. I've been trying to massage it, bike ride and do different exercises but, is there any way that I can either get my muscles to start working there, or, exercises besides the wall push to stregnthen those muscles as well?
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Well, they somehow combined my one question for one thing and a different question I had asked and deleted the response I gave for the weight loss and replaced it with the 2nd thing I wanted an answer for. Anyone to delete this and try again?
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For your shoulder try the following,  The hand Wall Press
by standing next to a wall and pressing the back of the hand into the wall in the scapular plane at approx 30° of abduction. https://thesportsphysio.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/wpid-photo-18-feb-2014-1749.jpg?w=500&h=500

Next do external rotation with a neutral press. do this by resisting external rotation by pressing the back of hand into a wall again with the arm bent at 90°. Check the link above.
The last one is the belly press,placing the hand against the belly, elbow and wrist in line and push the belly in.
Also check the link above.



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As Gymdandee always shows, anyone can look up things on You Tube and find thousands of different exercises to do for anything, but often these exercises are quite hard on an injured person and are intended for someone who is very fit (and often they're not, as they're just physical therapists or yoga instructors making the videos).  Given you are seeing a physical therapist, I'm confused, as it is their job to give you the exercises you're seeking.  Trying to do too much, and I've been there, might end up hurting you.  I've been given too much by physical therapists, but usually they will give you a combination of stretching to increase range of motion with strengthening exercises that start easy and move to harder and harder for as long as your insurance company will pay for you to see them.  The longer you go, the more stuff they will pile on.  But sometimes, one good exercise and one good stretch will do it, and sometimes you need a lot more.  The same goes for your calf -- that's what physical therapists study and is why you go to see them.  Another option, if you don't like your physical therapy and don't think it's helping, is to go see someone who teaches therapeutic yoga.  Much of our athletic training and physical therapy originates from yoga anyway, and if you can afford personal attention (insurance won't cover this) you can try it that way.  But any way you try it, it will start out slow and move up slowly in intensity to make sure you don't end up just hurting yourself again.  Have patience any way you approach it.  And remember, if you get it from a yoga instructor or PT in person, they'll be able to see if you're doing it correctly -- you can't get that from You Tube.  I've found great stuff on You Tube, so I'm not at all opposed to it, but you someone like you who has been injured and been sent to PT, let them help you.
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best i can recommend is doing 50 pushups every night
slowly but surely your shoulder muscle will redevelop and recover. if working out also focus on working the back muscles, as they play a big role in the shoulders aswell
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best i can recommend is doing 50 pushups every night
slowly but surely your shoulder muscle will redevelop and recover. if working out also focus on working the back muscles, as they play a big role in the shoulders aswell
Push-ups for someone with a bad shoulder?  Really?
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