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Injured muscle. Stretch or don't stretch.

Went water skiing for the fist time, didn't stretch enough. Caught slack in the line a few times to many and snap, the tow rope ripped me out of the water and my muscles and body didn't respond to the jult too well. The pain wasn't really felt until about 2 hours after when I couldn't lift my hands over my head (arms and sides of my back swelled up, soft and puffy), arms, back very sore, very weak. It's now 2 weeks later, still very sore, very weak.

Question. When injury to the muscle is involved should you stretch or allow to heal with out stretching. Stretching is definitely sore to the point where I can't push it. I don't want to increase my recovery time, but don't want to heal up tight.

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Hi.  I have been a member of this forum for a couple of years but I have never posted.  I cringed when I read your post.  I used to be a fitness instructor at a YMCA, but I am *not* an expert.  I wonder if you are taking any anti-inflammatory?  Did you go to the doctor yet?  There is a difference between injury and soreness.  You also mention swelling, and this is NOT normal.  You definitely did injure yourself, but I have no idea if or how seriously.  

You are young, but you don't mention whether you are normally active.  I personally LOVE when my muscles are sore after a good workout.  If they are NOT sore, I didn't work hard enough.  However, if I was still sore, hurting and weak after two weeks, I would have to believe that I had done more than gotten a good work out.

The time to stretch is definitely AFTER a workout and even when you are sore. I caution YOU however, because it has been two weeks and I am afraid you have an injury or injuries going on.  Consider regular intervals of anti-inflammatories but at this point, you probably should call your doctor and make sure there is nothing going on.

The person driving the boat must have been inexperienced to drive so roughly...?  Or did he/she not realize this was your first time to water ski?  This person does need to know how to properly tow someone.  This is unacceptable.

Good luck and I hope you let us know how you are doing and progressing.
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Are you back? I missed you! and I bet Pax missed you!
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P.S. By the way, I see by your picture you get your NOSE into everything!
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Hi gym-bo!  I am not here much but OUCH, this post needed some attention.  

Do NOT make fun of my cute little nose!  DO tell Pax hello...is he still around?  I must go "nose around"... ;)
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Thanks for the posts. 3 week update.

Yaouch. I didn't go to the doctor because each day it improves a bit. Swelling is gone as of 2 days ago. Not as strong as I used to be, but gaining strength back. I looked like a puffy marshmello when it swelled. I'm stretching every other day and finally can fully extend. I'm not working out, just letting my body heal. I'll be careful and let go of the toe rope next time. I'm hurting in new places now but muscles aren't sore to the touch, no swelling. I'm not a doc, but pretty sure I fractured a few too many muscle fibers. I'll be more careful with new sports. At the rate I'm healing I think I'll be fully repaired in 3 more weeks. It's a wake up call I'm not healing as fast as I did when I was younger and that I need to stay in better shape.


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