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Is focused fat reduction possible?

Hello, I have what is called a "pear" shaped body. My fats are stored below my waist: bottom, thighs and calves. Is it possible to focus fat burning more (or solely) below the waist?

A few years ago, I was satisfied with the appearance of my legs. That was when I reached my goal weight. While my legs finally lost their meaty look, waist up I looked too skinny! I was horrified at my collarbones and how the outline of the bones at my chest would shift in and out of focus in the light. I binged til they were covered.

I'm now trying to reach my goal weight again and this time I want to do it right. Are there any exercises that can help me achieve lesser thigh & calf fat, while maintain a healthy above waist appearance?
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Unfortunately, there's no specific exercises that you can do to burn fat in specific areas.  The places where your body stores fat is determined by your genes, and the same is true about where it burns off fat.  This makes sense when you look at the way the body transports the fuel - it takes it from caloric stores in the liver first and then from fatty tissue, and then it must be transported through the blood to get to the site in the body that is requiring the energy.  The muscle cells don't take fat from any adjacent fat tissue since it needs to travel through the cardiovascular system first.  

I hate to break the news to you, but don't let it stop you from living healthy!
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