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Knee Ache

I have torn my ACL years ago but having a very muscular leg I was suggested to leave as it was and indeed I didn't have any troubles until recently when my knee has given way again (I do martial arts).

After a while my knee has developed a persistent dull ache and I had an MRI to check on meniscus:

1. There is an approximately 11x12x3mm area of fluid seen within the proximal ACL consistent with a moderately large chronic partial thickness tear. There are a mild to moderate amount of fibres still in continuity but mild concavity of the anterior contour of the ligament plus mild anterior tibial translation indicating ACL laxity / dysfunction. Normal PCL and lateral collateral ligament complex. There is mild low signal thickening of the MCL consistent with an old injury. It is currently intact.
2. No meniscal tearing seen. Articular cartilage well preserved throughout the knee.
3. No bone marrow oedema or joint effusion.
Conclusion: Appearances consistent with chronic moderately large partial thickness tear of the proximal ACL with some signs of ACL dysfunction even though a moderate amount of fibres are still intact.

The doctor told me that having a torn ACL should not be the cause of such a dull ache and suggested to reconstruct it but I am worried to have it recontructed and then find out the ache is still there.

Any advice would be welcome.

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Follow up with an orthopedician and discuss all options of conservative therapy and for this you would need rest and complete abstinence with all your physical activities.

If it does not work in 8-10 weeks with no recovery then you have to go for a surgery for your partial thickness tear.

Take care!
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Thanks Doctor Vinod!
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