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Knee Joint Pain, Osteo Bi-flex good choice? please help!

My name is alex and I am 15 years old. I injured my knee about half a year ago when doing leg extensions in the weight room using too much weight. I got an MRI to check out my knee injury and the doctor says some of the cartiledge probably wore away.

To get treated i took anti-inflammatories, rested it, and did physical therapy. I can walk and run for a bit with no pain, but if i try to jog long distance i feel joint pain in my knee. I was thinking about taking a supplement to increase the strength in my joint.

My dad bought Osteo Bi-flex. I haven't started taking it yet because I wanted to see if it was safe or not first by checking here. Are there any side effects at all from taking this short-term or long-term? If so, what are they?

If there are side effects, are there any better/safer supplements out there?

thank you very much for your time! I really do appreciate it.
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Since you are 15 and already having knee pain I would recommend you stop running and start riding a bike for cardio and I am sure that supplements is good. I take glucosamine chondroitin with msm and fish oil for my joints and it helps as well as eating a clean diet. I hope this helps oh, one last thing my knee dr told me not to do leg extentions it is really hard on the knees FYI
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Do I have to stop running for good? Because I kind of need the leg muscle and endurance because I play tournament tennis.

Are there any downsides or side effects at all from taking glucosamine chondroitin long term??

Do bicycling excersizes put less pressure on the knees?

How much do the pills help? Will they actually heal the joint and make it like new or just relieve the pain a little?
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If you have cartalidge damage nothing will repair it. the glucosamine and the fish oil helps to lubricate the joints. yes biking is less stress on the joints. You can get indurance from biking and leg strength from biking and doing leg workouts. As far as long term usage I don't know but that is what your joints are made of. The research on the supplements is very good. Google it and see what you find. Also how is your diet? When mine is not good my knees hurt.
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How does OsteoBiflex affect anxiety disorders?
I take it AM and PM for several years.  Now I have a life changing anxiety/panic disorder.
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