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Late starter - running advice

I am a 35 year old woman who has started taking her health and fitness seriously -  I am working on weight loss and muscle toning and have decided to set myself some goals to work towards. My biggie is that I plan on running the London Marathon in my 40th year -  either 2012 or 2013.

I am a single parent with a child about to start school inS eptember -  So my running is confined to school hours... however I do cover 1 mile a day on my ijump and 1 mile a day looking a fool running around my livingroom. I have designed a training plan which will allow me to work towards 10 miles a day in 10 weeks....

I plan on entering 5k races in a year then 10K races the next year -  then 10 mile races -  half marathons then finally a full marathon.

I have never been fit and never had any interest in sport or fitness itself but that is all about to change.

I would appreciate any words of wisdom from recent new runners as well as experienced runners.

Wish me luck and please spur me on ;)

thank you
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I'm listening too!  I can't believe how sore I was last week, after just 2 short run/jog/walk sessions.  And I thought I was pretty fit!
Running outdoors seems to be very different, b/c I ran on the treadmill without much trouble.

So I'm listening to any advice anyone gives you!  
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you following me? lol

I have such a determination and focus now I am surprising myself!
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I just started running at 39 about a year ago. I built up to it slowly and now run 5km (3 miles) in just over 30 mins a few times a week. A marathon is quite taxing on your system so you should get a check up before you start racking up too many miles.

10 miles a day sounds quite a lot, that's over 1.5hrs a day. If you run more than 5km you run the risk of more injuries so make sure you build up slowly and have rest days regularly. Every second day is good to start with. After a few weeks, try a hill or two.

Run for distance first then speed up when you can do the distance.

Buy the best running shoes you can afford.  Drink lots of water beforehand and eat after you get back. Don't bend over after you finish and make sure you warm up and down with walking.
Good luck with your project. I now love running and had never ever done it before. I have just been sick with a bad cold and couldn't run for over a week and boy did I miss it. I did a 2km run on Sat and a 4km one yesterday so I think I'll be up for my 5km one tomorrow.

Good luck.
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thank you so much for that great advice -  well done to you -  and hope you are feeling better :)
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I would like to wish you luck in your goal.  I start running at 39 and I am 42 now and I did my firt full marathon last May (I did it in 4h).  I was really impress by myself and looking forward for my next one in May 2009.  I did maybe 4 half marathon and one trialthon.  I start really slow but every day.  First day a runned 2.5k and had to stop 3 time 10 second each, the next day 2.5k stop 2 time 10 sec., next day 2.5k did not stop and now I run 8.5 km every day (Monday to Thursday) and on weekend I run 15 to 20 km each day.  I never felt so good in my life.  I lost 40 pound and now I can not miss one day of running.  My advice to you is start slow and listen to your body (you are the best person to know the sign).  Eat well and no juck food.
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Wow well done-  great time for a first marathon -  you sure got the running bug :)

3rd Sep will be my starting date for training.
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