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Low abdominal pain when running

I just wanted to see if anyone has experienced some of my problems. I am a 27 year old female; I am in a pretty good shape. I exercise regularly and for the last 3 months I have been running 3 to 5 times a week for 2 miles. My problem is that sometimes I would get very severe LOW abdominal pain when running.  Sometimes is on the right side, sometimes is on the left side. It does not happen all the time, though. I worm up and increase my speed gradually. I am not sure if I should I see a doctor about that. If anyone has had anything similar, please share. Thank you!
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Brashley, my situation is identical to yours. Only at a certain heart rate and only between ovulation and my period. I too have been unable to get pregnant for a long time. Do you have any updates to your story? Did you get pregnant or get diagnosed? Usually bowel movements help my cramps for some reason. My doctor thought it may be endometriosis that has grown on my bowels, but I don't want to do the laparoscopy because I keep thinking I'll get pregnant and it will help. I just did hormone testing and my AMH levels were low as well as vitamin D levels. Not sure if that's related but perhaps you saw something similar on your tests?
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I am a 28 year old female and have been dealing with this pain on and off since I was 14.  Like so many of you have explained, it happens the week of ovulation when you push past an aerobic threshold, I'm guessing into an anaerobic state.  The cramps are very intense and very low in the abdomen and last 15-25 minutes. Sometimes my hands and feet go numb, and about 30 minutes or so after this episode, I spot with a decent amount of blood.   From my perspective the circulation explanation makes sense, but doesn't explain the spotting afterwards.

My gyno thinks I have endometriosis and after an ultrasound she found a cyst.  I'll be having laproscopic surgery at the end of the summer to confirm the endo and remove the cyst.  I'll try to remember to come back to this post and let you know if this helps.  It will probably be September or October before I feel ready to push myself aerobically.

As a final note, I take Percocet and Zofran with me to the gym and take it when I feel cramps coming on and it shortens the duration of the pain to about 10 minutes and keeps me from vomiting.  
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And as a side note, I have not tried to get pregnant, so I do not know if this is affecting my fertility.  I do not take birth control or any type of hormones.
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I have exactly the same problem...when I get into a hard run...about 20 mins and my uterus is KILLING ME so bad I have to stop...but can anyone tell me what to do to fix this or if I need to go to a doctor pleas?????
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I am so glad I am not alone!! I'm 19, and about 5"7 and fairly fit.
I've had this feeling for months now, whenever I run. It starts about 3 minutes into my run and lasts the entire time I run, with walking  helping a little bit if I don't continue running. Its similar to a stitch like pain, but sharper and in my ovaries. I have tried warming up, running on treadmills, nothing helps. Almost four days ago, I went on a 20 minute run, this time deciding to ignore the pain (holding it whilst I run helps a bit?). I went to the bathroom later and found blood on my underwear. I'm too early for mid cycle cramps/bleeding so went to the hospital. I had blood tests and urine samples, all coming back negative. Since then, I've been in constant pain, with a sharp ache being constant in the same spot (not as bad as the stitch like pain though!). I've had two ultrasounds (pelvic and abdominal) which have all come back okay and the doctor has no idea...
I've been googling like crazy to try and find a solution/cause for this pain :(
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I've had this problem as well. Last year I started to run during my lunch hour and I found 10 mins into the run I would get the biggest stomach cramp, like I was getting my periods. It was happening constantly like clock work on every run. I googled, got advice but nothing concrete. this is what helped me
1) How much coffee do you have before you go on your run? even 1 cup doesn't help. I stopped drinking coffee before my runs. If I did have 1 cup I would have it at least 2hours before the run.
2) Gastrolyte - Electrolyte Tablets. Take 2 an hour before your run, This will rehydrate you. I drink alot of coffee and this helps alot.
3)EMPTY YOUR BOWELS before you go on your run
4) Breathe slowly whilst running, listen to music and hum while running, this helps with the breathing correctly.

This helped me alot. I actually stopped running because I've my situation last year. I'm now running again with no abdominal pains.
Good luck ladies.
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I am a 27 year old personal trainer and I have been getting these cramps on and off for a few years now and have been on the pill as well. I was off the pill about 1-2 months now back on it and these cramps have been coming on everytime I run the past two weeks. it feels like a contraction in my uterus not a stomach cramp. I drink lots of water, eat healthy but also sometimes they happen after I have sex with my bf. that's one thing I didn't read on any comments unless I missed it. I am training for a race trying to run 3x a week and these contractions are killing me. I run about 1 mile and they come on so strong that I have to lay in the fetal position until they stop. I don't really believe they have anything to do with my period b/c I don't get it anyways when im on the pill. I don't believe it's caused with low back problems b/c I don't have one my core is super strong all the way around. I workout 5-6x a week and only get these when I run. it's completely unbearable. I don't want to go to dr just so they can tell me nothing. who likes going to the dr anyways. but I wrote down everything it could be that I read on here and I will be trying them! i'll keep you guys posted!
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I'M NOT ALONE? I'm 18 and in good shape but I DIE after 10-15 minutes of running. Like really I'd rather be dead. Then ten minutes later I'm totally fine.
Swimming and soccer and basketball are all fine usually, it's just running. I just want someone to figure this out. Next time I go for a run i'm thinking I might take pain killers before I go. Think that'll work? Anyone tried it?
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Wow. Reading this is kind of frustrating. I got every test imaginable done for these same symptoms. I was finally diagnosed with an inguinal hernia (without any imaging, just from symptoms) and went in for a diagnostic laparoscopy. The pain is in my left lower quadrant, but when I got the procedure done, they found nothing at all on the left side, just a small hernia on the right side. I never had pain in my right side ever! They fixed the right inguinal hernia while I was on the table... but I still have that pain in my lower left side of my abdomen. It FEELS like I have an ovarian cyst. but like I said, there is NOTHING there.
The poster who wrote about it being a circulation problem... that was my final conclusion. it is the only thing that makes sense. Because I only get the pain during CARDIO excersize; not weight lifting or body toning. The fact that is very disconcerning to me is that SO many people suffer from this same problem. Where did god go wrong in creating us? lol, my point is that we were made to experience pain so we know that something is WRONG and needs to be fixed. Yet there seems to be no absolute reason for why this circulatory problem is happening. in MY case, its probably because I smoke, and im working on quitting. But now im wondering if I have a severe blockage in those arteries or something. But as for the rest of you, you seem to all live healthy lifestyles but you still all suffer from the same problem!! I will try to get all my vitamins (i don't eat much)and balance my electrolytes. seems to be the only treatment.
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This might help. I have same issue.
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I suffer from abdominal pain when doing cardio exercises too, but not when lifting weight.  I also have all the symptoms for endometriosis.  I wonder if this two are related since most of the women here that talk about it have the same symptoms.  As far as the intense menstrual pain, I found a food supplement that has relieved it. I highly recommend it as it has really helped me so much.  It's called Estrosmart by Lorna Vanderhaeghe.  It's in capsule form.  I find it in our local wholefoods here in Vancouver, but I'm not sure if it is sold somewhere else.  

As for the pain while running or jumping, I haven't encountered a cure yet, but I'm trying the suggestions on this post about not drinking/eating a few hours before running.  Hopefully, that will work :)
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I am 16 years old. I play basketball and softball and recently started to cheer. I'm already in contain for basketball because of cheering. But I've tried to start stepping up my run to get extra prepared for basketball because all we do is run. I have started getting these kind of cramps not even 5 mins into my run in the woods. It hurt so bad that I couldn't even WALK the distance home. I had my little sister with me and she was worried sick it was that bad. I'm seriously getting concerned and hope that someone on here has found a rock solid answer to this problem so many of us have experienced. I really do hope that someone will let me know something so I can go to a specialist, but I don't even have a clue to what the problem might be to start looking for one.  I have never experienced something like this before and I'm terribly concerned. Please, someone let me know something ASAP. I would like to continue to get seriously in shape for basketball season.
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I have the same pain in my lower left side but I'm male and I've read all of the comments which scared me
Plz can u tell me a cure or something to reduce this excruciating pain
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After reading all these threads I know I'm not alone. Definitely uterine cramps. I am now 36 and experienced it throughout my whole life during hard exercising. Running and doing insanity. This is when my body is in high gear mode. I usually get it Right before my period but this time I got it in the middle. I stopped getting in when I was on the pill for 7 years!! My doctor says its hormonal variant. The pill regulated my hormone...and now that I'm off the pill the pain comes back even stronger!! They last me 45mins and I'm on the floor sweating, rolling, whimpering, diarrhea, vomiting until the waves of pain subsides.  So I have come to the conclusion, it's the irregular hormones, it won't go away til I have a baby, so I guess I'm gonna Have to suck it up and endure the pain....giving birth better be easier for me seeing I have to go thru this lol!!
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i have been experiencing the exact same thing, what is mydol? i gym early morning at 6, so naturally i dont eat or drink before gyming, and i run on the treadmill.
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hi danie, you are about the only person who descirbes this like my pain. I was told it was a bladder spasm but I have no intention of urinating during this pain. I also vomit. did you ever find out what it was?
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common It's normal dude..
It's just when you step the ground with your right leg it puch the liver .. try to change your stepping leg on ground and it will disappear..
I mean stop and change the leg that step the ground first.. it will solve it.. don't worry
I had this since I'm a child.. now I'm adapted to it :)
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I am experiencing the EXACT same issues, complete with HORRIBLE acne ( out of nowhere) and hair loss.. even some acne on my scalp.. please tell me something has come to light on this...
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Brashley, did you ever figure out the issue? I have the same exact symptoms as you. The only thing my doctor and I have found so far is Lyme disease. Hormones are fine. It would help to hear if you've learned anything new.
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I experience the same pain as everyone else here seems to be describing. I saw my dr about 15 years ago and he said it could be caused by extra fluid build up in the week or two before your period. ( this is when the pain occurred) he put me on the pill and it cured the pain. If I ever go off the pill the pain instantly returns in that 2 week period before my period when I run. I have had ultrasounds as we'll to check and they have all been clear. The pill also helped my acne. It is annoying that I haven't found any other natural cure for the pain (believe me I have tried almost everything)  - I was fortunate to have a Dr that didn't write it off as being all in my head - considering this was 15 years ago. As a side point - I live in the land down under and it is very hot here especially in summer and I have not found any relationship with the pain and dehydration- and I am a heavy sweater when I run- but I completely understand that everyone will have different pain triggers/causes. I hope this is helpful to someone as if I had read this community blog 15 years ago I would not have felt I was the only one in the world with THE PAIN.
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I finally just returned to this page - after all my dr appointments, no one was able to help and I just kept hearing "don't run for those 2 weeks if it causes problems for your body".  Not a solution that made me happy, but because we were trying to get pregnant I decided to take it easy.
After almost 2 years of trying to get pregnant, and one miscarriage, I got pregnant 2 months after giving up running and am due in May.
I'm sorry I can't offer any information about how to help the cramps, all I can say is that giving up running was what allowed by body to carry a pregnancy successfully.
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It's exactly how you're describing it. It comes in waves and is similar to period pain. It's located in my uterus and lasts 10-15 min. I can't go on a pill because I'm trying to get preagnant (my hubby has some problems) and that would zero everything. I don't know what else to do. Quit running and go for swimming perhaps.
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Hey all women on here,

I recommend Mayan abdominal massage (the Arvigo technique). The uterus can easily be knocked whilst running and the massage moves it back into place. Can also have a life-changing effect on your period...my years of struggling with very heavy menstruation were cured after one treatment.
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Hey everyone, got some good news for you all. well, not good news. But for me it is good news, because I have been trying to figure out the cause of this exact pain for almost two years now, since I first got pregnant.

I have been to countless doctors, have had countless imaging tests done, such as pelvic ultrasound, pelvic MRI, and abdominal cat scan, even a colonoscopy at 23 years old, with no answers. People kept telling me, "its normal if you eat too much before you run" or "that's a 'stitch' and it happens when you run sometimes, its normal." Well I knew what they were talking about.. nut that is NOT the pain I felt. I have felt that before and this is something different. A hemmoragic cyst was found on my left ovary, but it was gone in 2 weeks when I went for a sono with my gyno. She told me that I probably just have hemmorigic cysts that hurt all the time and told me that hormonal bc would help control them. made sense so I agreed. well, that didn't help. it still hurt when I ran, or did anything that got my blood going.

I investigated everything, from muscles to ligaments to colon to ovaries. nothing. But I've finally found the answer.

Don't know why I never considered my circulatory system as the culprit, since this pain only happens when I physically exert myself. I am in ultrasound school now, and I took it upon myself to investigate thoroughly my abdominal aorta and iliac artery. Turns out I have an aneurysm in my left external iliac artery. How did they miss it on CT, I don't know, but I purposely ran up and down the stairs a few times right before I scanned. sure enough, its there, and I really should be off to the hospital right now, because an aneurysm rupture can be fatal. for now I am just not exerting myself until I can get there (looking for a sitter for my son). This is not good, but, its actually so much of a relief that I finally found the problem and hopefully I will be able to fix this and excersize without pain in the future.

Please, PLEASE, if you have this pain only when you do CARDIO... PLEASE, go to the hospital or doctor right away. if this is what you have... it can be potentially fatal. and until you see a doctor, DO NOT RUN. any amount of extra pressure can burst it at any time.
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by the way, the external iliac artery supplies blood to the, you guessed it, PELVIS. if you are not getting sufficient blood flow through it, your pelvic organs wont get enough oxygen and HURT, just like cramps. Please, investigate an aneurysm as the cause to your pain.
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Hi amacon128,

Did you say that you DID have pain even when you were on the bc pill? The pain I get is exactly what has been described on this thread, but when I'm on the pill, I do NOT get any pain! I just want to confirm whether or not this was the same for you. I would rather not be on the pill, but it seems to be the only thing that works. I would also prefer to avoid a CT scan if at all possible.

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I came looking for answers after experiencing menstrual type cramps, but lower down, after doing a hard run. It's not every time, I think only when I really push myself when running. These symptoms have been evident for years but I just assumed it was blood being redirected from unnecessary organs to cope with demands of running - a bit like pins and needles.  Sometimes I can walk it off, sometimes I need to run to the toilet. Can this be normal without being a medical emergency? Only happens after running. Weight training doesn't affect it.
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Amacon - did that resolve it?  My 15 year old daughter has same pain,, and it is almost always there as low grade, but when she does strenuous excercise it really increases dramatically (running, basketball)

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Has anyone been given a diagnosis for their severe lower (pelvic) abdominal pain (feels like uterus possibly contracting) during and/or after running? I have the same issue (shaking, sweating, sensation of needing to have a BM, vomiting and/or dry heaving, lightheaded, all from the severe pain at the end of a run).  Not one Doctor or specialist has been able to figure it out so I am reaching out to this community to see if anyone has had a diagnosis.  **No, mine are not period related, I am not dehydrated, I am not a smoker or drinker, Not over weight, i eat healthy, and I am not lacking vitamins.**
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This actually just happened to me tonight...and this isn't the first time.  I was doing some cardio and had to suddenly stop bc I started having horrible pain in my lower abdomen that felt like severe menstral cramps, contractions and/or the need to go #2.  I'm not any where close to having my period nor am I on my period at the moment.  I was sweating like crazy, white as a ghost and sobbing like a baby.  The only thing that works for me is to soak in a very hot bath tub and of course immediately take a strong pain killer.  The hot bath works very quickly each time this has happened....Thank God!  Thank God my husband was home to help me off the ground and get me into the tub bc I thought I was dying!  'Don't know what is wrong with me but I have to keep my cardio very limited unfortunately.  I guess I'll just have to stick to weight/strength training.  I have IBS and endometriosis so maybe they have something to do with it?
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im 17 and yesterday i had a soccer game. while i was running it started to hurt really bad like i was on my period, but i wasnt. i am sexuallly active with my boyfriend. now sure what it could be. need some help please
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I have this too and have had it since I was 14 (I'm 36 now).  Always get it 15-20 minutes into a run when my heart rate has been near my max doe at least 10 minutes. It had happened when biking hard and during competitive rowing and biking too so it's not just running. Definitely feels like menstrual cramps, except i don't get menstrual cramps when j have PMS -- only when I run! Advil helps a lot. So does sleeping way down at the 10-15 minute Marc and not speeding up until I'm well past 20-25 minutes. If I walk them off the second they come and wait until they go away, they never come back, I can run for an hour and be fine. It's weird that is happens during the time when your body is changing over from anaerobic to aerobic exercise, which happens around 20 minutes right? Could it be related to glucose metabolism? Low blood sugar during that transition? No doctor I have ever talked to has ever heard of this but clearly there are hundreds afflicted.
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Oops sorry for all my typos! Was writing on my iPhone
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Which pill exactly do u take take... can u name it pls?
Cause i am too suffering with this irritating pain :(
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figure anything out ?
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Hi Girls

I just got back from the gym, and I am writing because after doing 5 minutes of HIIT on the rowing machine my cramps kicked in big time. I have been getting the cramps you all describe for years, especially when running. As you describe 10 minutes in severe pain, can't breathe and horribly need to sit on the toilet sometimes. My entire pelvis is essentially in spasm. Womb and all. I also have very very painful periods (radiates through my bones) and heavy bleeds on my monthly cycle.

I have had a laparoscpy which didn't find anything and had a coil inserted to control my menstruation. Whilst the coil was in I didn't experience the cramps during exercise but the stupid thing didn't agree with me hormonally so I had it removed.

So now coil free back at the gym and today was my first cramping episode. It stops me in my tracks for 15 minutes and 1 hour later I am still tender in my womb.

I am convinced its to do with circulation and oxygen getting to the pelvic region, and was very interested to hear the earlier post about arterial aneurysm. What is obvious is GP's do not know anything about this but its affecting many women and could be serious.

I will go to the GP to ask for a referral to check my circulation. Once I have the results I will post.

We need to understand this better. xxxxx

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Hi Stanimira,

I have red your post around 7 months ago while I was searching on internet to find out what might cause this huge lower abdominal pain every time I do intense cardio and I wanted to see if any other people are having this problem and what they experiencing. To be honest any Doctor couldn't explain this to me?

My pain all gone now and let me tell you what happen. 7 months ago I had a Laparoscopy for my Endometriosis issue that was causing infertility.

After recovery I started my regular routine and exercises. Since then I have no problem at all after any intense cardio.

I would say if your periods are usually very painful and if you have to take pain killers for first few days, you should go and see your GP and ask for if you have Endometriosis. Surgery (Laparoscopy) is not a nice thing to have but having pain free periods and cardio really worth it.

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Guys this is really common so nothing to worry about, because I had this problem while i was swimming and running, I have seen a doctor and they say nothing is the problem so i found out how to get rid of this problem every day morning when you wake up go for 80 jumping jacks, while you are doing this make sure that you have a empty stomach the first two days when you do it, it's gonna pain then the pain will subside trust me..
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I have found one solution and one only.

I've had this pain for about 6 years now. It feels like a burning cramping whenever I am about 7 to 9 minutes in my run. I end up keeled over, mostly on bathroom floors if I can make it to one. The pain subdues anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. Sometimes these cramps induce my menstrual cycles which have never been regular in the first place. This is how I know it has to do with either my ovaries or my Uterus. I have had cameras in me ultrasounds left and right to see if they could find anything to no avail. I am a gluten free vegetarian and while that has helped with many other health related things, it has not healed this.

The ONLY thing that got rid of it for me was being put on birth control.

They called me a 'medical mystery' and because of the side effects clearly having something to do with my uterus they put me on BC. It worked and I still do not know why. However I do not encourage birth control as it has awful long lasting and damaging side effects directly related to your hormones. For that reason I decided to come of of BC in February of this year and wouldn't you know without missing a beat I was suffering from these debilitating pains again. I wish I had a better answer but honestly that was the only thing to help me.
I would be very careful using the pill.  My 17 year old daughter has all of these symptoms and is a cross country runner.  In hopes of helping her through this we used the pill as the solution.  It worked, but caused a much larger problem- a blood clot in her lung.  She just finished blood thinners after 6 months.  It has been a journey and I would welcome an alternative to the pill as I am sure it is hormonal.  
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I am also suffering from this from last few moths. I do fitness very rarely and I thought because of that only it pains like this.
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So glad I'm not alone-
I'm 18 and first started noticing this last year when running during gym, which was incredibly weird considering that I had a more rigorous gym class years prior (running 2-3 miles twice a week). I also wrestled for two years before the onset of the pain. Last year I began feeling this pain during my matches or hard practices. I can't do anything but wait it out, and it is the most incredible pain I have ever felt. I feel like God has blessed me when it goes away, but have begun feeling incredibly weak and lightheaded after the pain dissipates.
I also noticed that I have not felt it on a treadmill- could this be because of the slow start I saw others talking about?

I really hope we find a solution to this
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I can't believe that after all these years, I found this blog. I'm now 38 years old and I've suffered with this issue for about 11 years. Let me first give you a timeline
Age 13 - was put on birth control because my periods caused such severe pain and cramping
Age 16 - had freezing for abnormal cells
Aged 13 - 27 I reminded on birth control and my periods were virtually pain free and I was yet to experience this exercise pain
Age 27 - I went off birth control during my first marriage and so the nightmare began. When I exercised strenuously cycling or running (those were my sexercises that I really went hard) the unbearable cramping pain would start. It was what I imagine labour to be like. It was the worst menstral cramps that would bring me to my knees. It didn't happen every time I exercised hard but too many times it did. The first time it happened at the gym, they called an ambulance . But by the time the ambulance arrived , it was over. The pain always lasts 10 min or less but feels like an eternity . I started exercising a lot at home to be able to deal with the situation when it happened .   During the mist of all of all of this , my periods had become very painful just like before I went on birth control at 13 years. I would also get bad ovulation pain and sometimes random cramping. Doctors saiid it sounds like endometrosis and that the pill was the best option. So at 35 I've had enough and i go back on the pill and magically everything goes away.

At 36, I'm trying to get pregnant with my 2nd husband so I go off the pill again. Everything comes back. After a year of trying, we get more tests. HSG shows the uterus is fine, ultrasound shows ovaries are good and endometrium is not thickened.  Looks good so what  is happening ? Endometrosis is the only thing they cannot see on ultrasound. It is not known exactly how many women have endometriosis, but it is believed that more than 5 million American women, including teen girls, are affected. It's not always diagnosed right away in teens because at first they or their doctors assume that their painful periods are a normal part of menstruating, or that their abdominal pain is due to another problem.  This would explain how many young girls on this blog are affected.  
My husband who is a doctor believes protaglandins are the culprit which explains why Advil helps and the pill. IThe question is why is not every women affected ? I personally think we all have some extent of Endometrosis . We also have to keep in mind that not every female exercises to break a sweat little along strenuously so many females with endo may not experience this particular issue. I'm curious to know other factors from you ladies like your experiences with birth control , what your periods are/were like . This is a big piece of the puzzle.
Wow, your life story is similar. For me, I will have my 2nd leep in 3 years. I was on bc from 13 to 31, with 3 years at 18 to 21 on the shot. Even with bc I always had major cramping up to 2 weeks before that time and for 3 days during. Laparoscopy confirmed nothing but yet now I can't shake cervical cancer. Recently started back on HIIP training and today, my first jog, I felt like my period came back times 10. So now I;m confused. I'm 33, within my bmi and routinely exercise competitively. So wtf now?!? I'm ready to pull it all out. Anyway it lasted 10 minutes, ruined the rest of the class and my pride. I have felt the same intense pain now for at least 5 years after aggressive (and loving)intercourse, but never with exercise until today. Previously I have seen specialists regarding the sex pain with no definitive answers. So, that's my side of the story today. Put my own pieces together and I think cervical issues is my cause. If you have ever had a colposcopic exam, leep, or cone biopsy, well you know the feeling. If you don't ,  you might want to get checked out. Good luck everyone.
Didn't know I had endometriosis until I had an MRI which showed a shadow, the investigation started an they found a 5-6inch cyst on my ovarie filled with endometriosis I had laparoscopy in December 2016 op went well and I heeled pretty quickly I've always been very active and my periods throughout have  never caused me discomfort. After op doctor advised to go on birth control which I'm on nearly 3months I decided to go back to my hiit exercise training and today was my first extremely painful cramping to the extent I was rolling around my room crying the pain lasted nearly 30min before easing however I did take 2 iburphen as I was in so much pain and it was the quickest answer I could find on net before getting some1 to take me to hospital honestly never felt pain like it surley this is not normal and has to be a solution I'm only 31 and have no kids yet I'm afraid to exercise as I'm worried of doing damage.
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Drink more water (:
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I get this too. Female 34 no kids. It is the same feeling as day 1 period pain. Not the same as intestinal cramps, not the same as muscle spasms after hard ab work out, nor is it a stitch. These running cramps can come any time in the month. I know my body well and can distinguish between period pain and gut pain. It feels like the uterus contracting.  More specifically, it feels like overproduction of prostaglandins. I get exactly the same pain as period pain about 10 mins into a run. Starts as dull aching, becomes severe low contractions, radiating pain down both thighs to the knees and diarrhea (yes what to do on the side of the road?!), then additional symptoms past what usually comes with a period, which i believe are just the bodies reaction to the pain level (profuse sweating, nausea, difficulty standing, dizziness, blurry vision, shaking) I dont have any relatives with the same symptoms or even the same level of pain during periods. I react well to naproxen (naprogesic) during period pain, stops it within half an hour. I carry it everywhere for the 2 days leading up to my period. Next time I run I will take one before the run and post my findings. Thanks to the lady who posted about chinese herbal solutions and estrogen imbalance, i will look in to this. To anyone reading this who has the same symptoms please post your findings too and hopefully between us well work it out. Yes its a shame our doctors dont take an interest in researching whats wrong with us, perhaps that only happens on tv.
I'm 40 years old and have been a runner since I was 15 years old. I have the same horrible, menstral-like cramps (although they are so bad at times that contractions is a better word). I run regularly ten miles of trails, averaging about 30 miles a week. It doesn't happen on every run (although I seem to be in a cycle where it has been) when it does, it's within the first two miles. It's so bad that I need to find a private place on the ground to roll into a ball. A few times it was so bad that I thought that I'd need to call an ambulance. After about ten minutes, it goes away and then I'm fine for the rest of the run. I've had this since I was a teenager. I also have horrible menstral cycles, and Celiac disease.
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i wont run when it is very stressful
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I'm 19 and have been experiencing similar symptoms since I was 14. I first started getting it after running, then realized that running up and down bleachers was MUCH worse. I was put on birth control for extreme cramps and any time I'm on a good pill (some aren't strong enough and seem to have no effect), any pain after exercising goes away. I now do crossfit, and only experience the pain when I forget a pill or when I went off for a month. And even then I don't experience the pain after every workout. It does seem to happen more often when there's a cardio aspect to the workout, such as running or rowing. I went to the doctor today and she suggested it could just be a physical side effect of PMSing or possibly endometriosis. I haven't been tested for either.

The pain is similar to period cramps but much worse. I am doubled over anywhere from 5-15 minutes when it happens, and it typically comes on about 1 minute after completing an exercise that gets my heart rate way up (I can usually finish the workout, and the pain comes on right after). I've been told my face gets as white as school walls when it's happening. Birth control is the only thing that makes it subside so far. But I don't want to take it forever.
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If people still view this thread I may have a possible solution. if there is not a more obvious underlying cause like endometriosis the cramping may be caused by a magnesium deficiency. You can try taking magnesium supplements for a few months and see if it helps with the problem. Magnesium deficiency is very common and causes muscle cramping and contractions along with other symptoms.
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re they cramps or stitches?  These happen more often if you eat within the few hours before a run and/or if you don't breath properly.  Side stitches are a good indication your running too fast.  If your going to eat prior to exercising keep it light and eat slowly making sure you can digest smoothly.  If you experience abdominal pain or cramps when running slow down to walking speed and stretch out the muscle.  Exercise Related Transient Abdominal Pain (ERTAP) is something everyone encounters and is really nothing to worry about but if your still concerned there's no harm in consulting a physician
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