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Lumps On Ribs

So Monday 16, 2016 I was playing soccer at soccer practice, and I was out playing goalie. When I went to dive for a ball I fell on my rib cage (You're suppose to do this to help break the fall) but this time it hutted and like shortness of breathe so I concluded its a rib fracture, Next day I went to doctor get a X-ray to show If id had a fracture, it turns out it wasn't a fracture. I went home until Saterday 21 when I was about to sleep I felt a lump on my left chest and that was the spot where it was hurting before and it was definitely there and it hurt. I'm not sure why maybe if my bruised rib because it still hurted to breathe before that and lay down it hurted. What is causing this Lump? Is it because of what happen to me at practice? I need answers help.
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Hey VamosityShaer.

No worries my friend. Ribs don't fracture easily, but they bruise and this may not show on imaging tests, like X-rays.
Our immune system in the process of repairing the damaged tissue in the general area of the injury, causes inflammation with some swelling  and deposits what we call scar tissue. Scar tissue is inflexible and hard .
It compromizes surrounding tissue, making it less flexible and shorter.
The pain and discomfort may last for a long time, like a few months, but keep in mind that this area now has a weakness and more prone to re-injury.

I played high school and college soccer and had my share of injuries, lol!

You may try trigger-point self-massage to see if this will help, but do not
massage too strongly to feel pain, only enough to feel discomfort.
Just look it up and even if this pertains to other issues, I have tried it myself for general recovery and relief from similar injuries to yours and it helped.

Please note that this is not intended to replace medical advice and for this you should seek a Practitioner who specializes in sports injuries.

Best wishes,
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Confirm the above -- I did martial arts for years and got my ribs smashed a lot.  Had a chiropractor who was good at putting them back in place, but a bruised anything takes a lot longer to heal than most of us think.  As LightSeeker said, Xrays don't show all that much, just bones -- they don't show the soft tissue around the bones, which an MRI can show, but I think you'll be fine.  Now, I never played soccer, but as I said I did do a lot of martial arts, and though I stunk at it (I started old), I can't see how diving on your rib cage is a good strategy.  Are you sure about this?  We were always taught to roll when we fell so as not to fall hard on any one place.  
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Yes we do dive into our sides not always necessary out front. We roll if it we are very high up and we want to land more softly or that we could looks cool.
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Thanks Light Seeker,
   I was worrying it could be something bad. So this means its just rebuilding up my rib and just leaving scar tissue behind to create thing lump.

Okay thanks I just need to be more careful next time thanks.
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