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Muscle strain or sciatica? Or worse?

Hi everyone,

I received a job offer with the local fire dept in Sept of last year, contingent on passing a physical agility test (called the CPAT.)  I attempted this test in Oct with basically no training (big mistake.) The first event was a 3 minute climb on a stairmaster with 75 lbs. of weight.  I couldn't even complete the first event... I had to stop at 2:50.  I expected to feel sore the following day, but I also had this pain in my left thigh.  I can best describe it as a cramp, but this cramp never really went away.  I just ignored it, and I began training to get in shape so I would pass this CPAT on my next try.

The pain persisted, but would seem to lessen when I stretched and ran and worked out.  It just seemed like an inconvenience.  I eventually purchased a weight vest in mid-Dec to simulate the weight I would be carrying in the CPAT.  I practiced climbing a stairmaster and I also made the assumption that "cardio is good, so cardio with weight is better!"  I eventually worked up to running a mile with 50 lbs.

Right around the last week of Jan, something new happened.  I was taking an entrance test for a different job (the deadline for the CPAT for the fire dept had come and gone... long story), and I was seated for about 2 hours.  That pain in my left thigh steadily grew and grew until it was excruciating... I couldn't even sit still for more than a few moments.  Once I completed my test, I limped out of the building to my car and drove home.  Once home, I realized that I could no longer bend at the waist; my back felt super tense/tight.  I stopped all exercise.

So fastforward to present day.  The cramp in my leg is always present, but usually very mild, as long as I am lying down or standing/walking.  Once I sit for any period longer than 30 mins, (chair/bed/driver's seat) the pain grows as it did in late Jan.  Sitting also results in a tingle/pain in my left ankle (and I know I've never directly injured that ankle.)  

I would have went to a doctor sooner, but I was only able to get medical insurance a week ago.  

The soonest I will be able to see a doctor will be in a week.  I just found this website right now and would really appreciate any advice any of you may have.

Thank you all so much!
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How are you feeling?
Pain, tingling and numbness are signs of neuropathy. Neuropathy can be involving single nerve or many nerves which is called as mono-neuropathy or poly-neuropathy.
The cause for neuropathy can be due to nerve entrapment or nerve compression or nerve irritation.
In your case it can be due to nerve irritation and also can be due nerve compression (your symptoms are present when you are sitting). The involved nerve here could be Sciatic nerve.
I think you should a consult an orthopaedician and also if possible you can consult a neurologist too.
Keep me posted.
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