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My Stomach to Abs

Hello everyone, I'm a recently turned 18 y/o male, skinny, and my question is, how can I get my stomach in the picture shown below to a six pack? Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)
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People who are new to working out they should start off their training program with 2 effective abdominal training sessions per week training each of the abdominal sections, start off slow and just do 4-5 sets of crunches at each session. Then, as you feel they are getting less sore and better conditioned for that type of workout, you should add a few more sets to each session or throw in new exercises, like hanging knee raises. I take the 2-3 times per week approach (when I started training my abs, I began with 1 session a week and worked my way up). I think this is much better because you are still training the muscle often enough to get great results, but you're not over-training the muscle. I only do 6-8 sets for my abs at each workout.  I usually do 3-4 sets of crunches and 3-4 sets of hanging knee raises, 2-3 times per week. I let the dieting and the cardio work do the rest. Both of them combined help me eliminate all the unwanted body fat that's covering up the cuts in my abs.
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The hanging leg raise is number 1.

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Thank you!
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Train your abs only once a week for 20 minutes.  However make your training intense.  People tend to over train there abs and so they never have time to recuperate and grow.  Check on google about different exercises you can perform and mix it up once and awhile.

Just remeber to train them but not over train them.  They should be a bit sore the next day or two, but not severley sore.  If they are not sore then up the intensity until they are sore.

when we weight train we actually breack down our muscle telling our body to rebuild it stronger as a defence mechanism.  So proper rest and nutrition is needed for the body to repair the muscle.

Check out www.bodybuilding.com
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only once a week, are you sure?
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If you are doing resistance training, then you are actually using your core
(Abdominals) muscles without realizing it.  Notice how you tighen your abs even when doing biceps curls.  However if you are not training all your body parts then 2 would be okay.....but not more.  

Just make sure your perform high intensity and that your abs are a bit sore.  Then wait until they are not sore before going back at it

But seriously go to www.bodybuilding.com

They have tons of articles by professional and the site is free to become a member.  You can even join there bodyspace where you can track your progess.  Plus once you join you can see others profiles and pics.  Then just ask a member with great abs what they think you should start with

I know what I am talking about , but in reality I could be a fat guy telling you carbage.  so just go to the professional that have results and ask.  They should however tell you what I just said.

As for what type of ab exercise, the web site will help you with that too.  I am just telling you basically not to over train your abs.

Its like a sprinter or a marathon runner.  The sprinter trains for short periods High Intensity.  They look really muscular.   Marathon runners train very long at a much lower intensity and they do not have all that muscular look.  The same with abs.

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gymdandee knows what he is talking about so listen to him.
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thanks you so much
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I'll be starting this today! thanks!
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