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Need to lose 20 lbs

I love to eat.. I have tried different diets such as lowering carbs, eating lowfat, slim fast, weight watchers etc... I weight 156 and I am 5'2'' I need to drop to around 125-130 ... What are your suggestions... I don't get as much exersice as before... but I work 8 to 5:30 everyday till i get home cook supper and such.. I am tired and really don't have much time for exercise... so the food i eat I think is where i need to focus more.. my job keeps me sittin gmost of the day i am up and moving a little but not much mostly at a desk.. Any advice?
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You will not lose and keep off that amount of weight for life while being sedentary. One solution is to go to bed an hour earlier and get up and hour earlier and complete a workour before you go to work.
Exercise is more consistently accomplished by doing it first not putting it off until last.

Also the weekends are a great time for getting out of the house walking (briskly), running, riding a bike or  you could record exercise shows from TV or buy some videos and doing those on weekends.

I was taught in school that it takes about 4-5 hours a week of exercise to lose weight and 3 hours a week to keep it off once you reach the goal.

Changing eating habits for the better permanently is the way to go as well. Temporary eating habits ( weight loss diets) obviously cannot work because they are temporary

Good luck
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Losing weight is very hard. Especially when eating is so pleasureable. The next time you have a check-up ask for a thyroid screen. Ocasionally low thyroid levels make it impossible to lose weight.
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No that is ok.. From what my doc.. says I mena I don't look bad I just need to lose my stomach and tone up my legs and such... I think I need to just get it in my head and not give up! :)
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I was in your boat and I can tell you something, you can do it!   It is difficult but you CAN do it.  I am 5'4 and weighed 156 exactly after my last child was born.   It took me 14 months but I am now down to 128 and preftty happy with my progress.  I work full time and have two children.   I set interval goals for myself and also tried a number of things.   I finally joined weight watchers online and in conjuction with rejoining the gym I kicked it into high gear.   The interval goals are great b/c once you reach one, you feel incredible.  I actually was able to exceed my goal of 133 and now I am just maintaining and reaping the benefits of my excercise routine.   II do a mixture of treadmill and elyptical and strenght training and keep it mixed up.  It is so easy to come home and be tired, if you get to the gym you will feel invigorated and exhausted.  It is great for your physical and mental health.  

Some tips:
1.  Get to a gym, try about 100 - 120 minutes of exercise (any kind of exercise), start walking, stretching at home, hit the gym on your way home or as sugessted go to bed at nine and get up at 6.   Get moving sister, you can do it!  
2. Pack your lunch.  
3. Walk at lunch, bring your tennis shoes.. the fresh air will invigorate you as well.  
4. Try weight watchers again, set a goal, stick to it, it will work.  
5.  If you join the gym focus on getting healthy and not on the scale (self sabatoge) give it a chance to work, give it 30 days.  
6. I have found that now that I exercise I am extremely aware of what I eat.  I worked so hard at the gym I won't touch anything that will negate my good work.  I crave healthy food now.
7. Look for foods high in fiber, grab a McIntosh apple as a snack (sweet and delish).
8, You can do this
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There are many weight loss diet regimens available online. You can choose one which could be applicable to your situation. However, as a general rule, eat a balanced and healthy diet, not junk foods high in calories. You do not need to miss a meal, you just have to be smart in choosing the food you eat.

Unfortunately, exercise is necessary, and not just any exercise, but aerobic exercises such as running and bicycling. These activities are effective for fat loss if done regularly with eating a balanced diet. Resistive training exercises such as weight training should be avoided as these exercises would add more weight because of the muscle bulk.

If you cannot go to a gym, some simple activities can be done to exercise your body. You can set your alarm 10-15 minutes earlier in the morning and use that time for some brisk walking outside. In the office, you could set aside 10 minutes of your break to go up and down stairs to do this exercise. These are just some suggestions and I'm sure there are still others available online that would be better suited for your situation.

Good luck.
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