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Need to lose weigh asap!

I am 14 and I weigh 155.5. I really want to lose weight fast. I've got thick thighs ( I do want to lose a little weight in them) , and also I have curves I don't wanna lose them --  Could you help? Any suggestions?
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I'm 16 and weigh 150lbs so kinda similar. I approached my bodyshape in a different way- trying to get stronger rather than lighter. I'm not really sure how to lose weight either... :/ Though I think the first thing to do is lose any water weight you have by drinking a lot of water regularly (I've got an app on my phone which tells me how much water I should be drinking each day and that helps motivate me) also record what you eat and it's nutritional values (I also have an app for this) and don't skip breakfast! Then just do leg exercises (e.g. squats, lunges) often. Sorry I'm no expert but hope this helps :)
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:) It's totally fine! I drink water everyday. Thank you very much! :) Xo. You should message me.
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Hello LexyLex2015, my name is Noelle. I am also 14 years old, and I am developing anorexia nervosa. DO NOT starve yourself, it can lead to anorexia which I can say will take over your life. I would suggest eating healthy foods, while making sure you have the necessary amount of calories. Along with eating health foods, try to exercise 20 minutes a day. As time goes by increase the amount of time you are spending on physical activity. You don't have to start with super vigorous activity, begin with a 20 minute walk on a tread mill or around your neighborhood. When you get more comfortable with that, increase the level of difficulty. If your weight loss is not going as well or as fast as planned try not to get discouraged. I am sure you are very beautiful inside and out.
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