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Need to lose weight ... problems, any ideas?

I am just wondering if anyone could maybe suggest something that I could do, I am a 24 year old woman, 5 foot tall - around 190 lbs.  I am 'pear shaped' most of my weight is my stomach and thighs.  

Here's the problem :   I have a permanent injury to my back that severely limits the amount of physical or high impact activity I can do .. ex : walking up a flight of stairs will seriously tax me.  I work full time and my schedule ( both for work, and sleep unfortunately) are both generally unhealthy and I've tried in the past to maintain some sort of gym membership but have failed.  I basically need something I can do at home, and something that isn't going to put stress on my back/spine.

Originally I thought I would just modify my diet, I tend to eat a lot of rice/pasta and I'm told carbohydrates are bad, but I can't pretend to be knowledgable at all about this nutrition stuff.  My eating habits are primarily vietnamese-thai, rice noodles, curry, chicken, spices, etc.  Not like I'm eating fast food every day, but I know its not the healthiest.

So anyway ...I digress.  Could anyone suggest a diet or exercise or combo that they could possibly recommend for someone with limited physical ability?  I don't need to lose weight 'quickly' and I don't mind if it takes months, even years, I just would like to see progress over time as now I am getting nowhere.

Thank you.
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The best thing i can tell you is to continue to doing whatever exercise that you are able to do becouse without a doubt our bodies need exercise no matter which ones your able to do just be sure to do them at least 3 days a week.STAY AWAY from fatty foods period sweets espesially.If your able to try the tony little work out machine it's only like 100.00 at wal-mart I found it to be very very helpful towards my weight.I'm 25 5 foot6 and I was weighing in at 240 pounds now i'm at 190.So i think that would be the best thing for you.
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I can only offer my advice, Its up to you to take it serious or not.  I just started to write you out a full diet plan only to run out of space. sorry.
COMPLEX CARBS: whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat crackers,ect..., 8-min. oatmeal, cream of wheat, frozen veggies, beans, yams, brown rice, red apple, cereal with 3.0+ dietary fibre, peas or pea soup, yogurt, or any fruit or vegtable wont hurt you.
PROTIEN:milk(espesially for women), eggs, beans again, fish, chicken, beef, moose, pork, tuna, any kind of fish or anything that was once alive.
WATER: .55 x lean muscle mass = # of ounces to drink daily.
Divide your plate into two equal halfs one have protien the other half Complex carbs. (see above). Only eat moderate carbs with your protien and try to eat a little of your protien first. Eat five meals a day. Only small meals. Try to cook extra today so you dont have to cook tommorrow. Buy whey protin for 2 of your meals and eat 3 solid meals a day. Losing wieght is 90% diet and 10% exercise. Take it from me I work at a gym. To spike your metabolim 1 day a week eat alot of fat. TRUST ME,CANT EXPLAI
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I don't like to exercise at all. I have to take time for me when I do exercise. Have you tried just walking. Walk 20-30 minutes at a fast pace 3-5 days per week. Stop eating 4 hrs prior to bed time. Drink plenty of water 4-6 8oz class per day. Serve youself on a small plate. When you finish don't go for seconds. It is a small change that worked for me. It allowed me to eat what I like. I find that when we are told you can not have is when we want it the most. However if you see me else where compaining about my weight at present. I have had other battles to fight. I will return to the battle of the fat as soon as the holidays are over. Good Luck in you journey to a healther you.
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Nutrisystem is excellent and you don't feel "cheated" out of the foods you love, including chocolate!  It works!  The food is pre-prepared.  No cooking and no trips to the grocery store, with the exception of salad makings and veggies.
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