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Needle like pain in right thigh

I played football 3 days ago. Then on the eve of next day,I started to have pain on the middle front and lower back part of the thigh. It occurs when climbing up or down stairs and when sitting down and getting up.I applied heat yesterday but it didn't help at all. Any  remedies that I can try at home or should I visit a doctor??!!
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Probably just need to stretch and move it around.  is this the first time you've played in awhile?  What position do you play?  I'm guessing there was a lot of crouching you don't usually do that caused the problem.
I used to play everyday until I had a muscle tear on the same right thigh. After that came the send of semester exams, so I play every other day and do the 100 squats challenge. (And exams are still not over). I play as a striker or a winger.
Sorry, I was thinking about American football, which requires a lot of crouching.  The football you're talking about doesn't, but it does require a lot of long strides that can sometimes be too long.  I'm thinking, if you play that often, is the squats new?  Doing new things can cause new types of soreness.  Keep an eye on it, since you've torn that area once -- an injury can often leave the injured area weaker especially if surgery was involved and therefore prone to getting injured again.  Still think it's probably just sore, but keep a close eye on it if it doesn't heal quickly.  The fact you had a tear, though, makes it hard to know if ice or heat is appropriate -- ice helps injuries, heat helps sore muscles.  Alternating the two might be useful.  Hope it heals quickly.
Was busy with exams, I rested for a week and it's gone now, anyway thanks for your advice and insights
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Things that we use for these types of things if you think it is muscle related.  The menthol patches like Salon Pas or Icy Hot.  Arnica cream or gel onto the area.  Icing it.  Ibuprofen.  Stretching is essential and remember that often where you hurt, it's a result of other things being tight.  So, stretch out completely (but do so gently and try not to do a cold stretch, go for a walk and then stretch).  If it goes on for a while, then yes, see your doctor.
Thank you. I'll try it and update my status
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