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Not Losing Weight! Why!?

HI all! I am 26 and am the biggest I have been in my life. I am 184. I have 2 small children. I am on a NO startch NO sweets and watching my sodium diet. It is not too hard to follow, but I am not losing much at all. I got back down to my pre pregnancy weight after my last child then I got my Tubes Tied and have gained 40 pounds since. Is this normal!?
I REALLY want to be back to my ideal weight I am just at my wits end.
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Are you exercising as well?  And if so, are you exercising in your target heart range?  Almost everyone has to do that, about six times a week, to lose weight.  To find your target heart rate, subtract your age from 226.
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Hey how are you doing?  I'm 30 years old, and exercising helps me with my weight, but I have also been blessed with some good information due to my refusal to accept things that do not make sense even after doing my due diligence.
The reason you may not be losing weight is because you may need some info on fat burning foods such as cabbages, tomatoes and radishes. Definitely take in an abundance of raw fruits.  The main thing I can tell you to focus on, is your mineral intake. If you would like to know more about it please feel free to comment again.
Happy Thanksgiving
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Hi there! I didn't hear you mention anything about exercising. Is there any reason why you don't maybe health issues? Even though dieting is 80% of losing weight, you may want to try bumping up your cardio along with anarobic training (resistance training). This will burn a lot of fat when all three are worked together. Try to stay away from the fad diets and get more information on just eating a balanced diet-think about it, who can stay away from Starches and sweets forever. You're just setting yourself up for disappointment. Try eating 5 to 6 small meals a day to increase your metabolism. This may not work for everybody but it worked for me. If I don't exercise I will weigh a ton:). My genetics say I should be big so I really have to work hard to keep my weight down. The key is to not give up, it will take time.

Best Wishes and know you are not alone in this fight!!
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Hi ilmyboys!
You should be able to do some simple research online. You need do a chart for you height and weight and find your own target heart rate by your pulse for your age.
Depending on the excersise you do (dishes and vacuming can burn calories) you need to burn more calories than you consume to loose weight. There are alot of websites that will chart it for you.
example: if you consume 800 calories a day you need to excercise to burn 1000 calories. This pattern will drop weight. Does that make sense. And it will TONE your muscles and muscles weigh more than fat so, esentially you will gain weight as you get firmer and smaller but you will loose inches.
I am 44 and do The Firm workout videos and Tai Bow videos, I am trying to get my 25 year old body back - hahahaha
Good luck.
~peace and grace

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Count your calories and see if you are getting less little by little. "grade" your activity. This means, change it each time. For example: start with - if you watch TV- get up 20% of the time and walk around, the next time, walk around 20% and jump rope. Then 40% of the time. Whatever works for you.This will work for other things. One thing at a time, little by little, so you don't overwhelm yourself, but enough to make progress and not be fatigued to finish your day. Talk to a fitness instructor, doctor/nurse, or even a chef. All of these people know things that will be of more help to you if you be more specific and tell them what u've been doing...
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has anybody ever heard anything about "NUTRASWEET" and artifical sweetners causing you NOT to loose weight?
also i have heard that nutra sweet tricks the mind into always CRAVING sweets.
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if you have increased your exercising, and decreased your caloric intake, you may need to see a doctor to check you thyroid levels.  This is a serious medical condition if left untreated.  Some of the more common signs are weight gain, fatigue, dry skin and hair loss.  It is also very easily treated.  
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