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Pain in Shins/lower legs

Hey guys,  

I'm wondering if anyone has any clue about the issue i'm having.  I have no reason to really think it's serious but it is something i'm very curious about.  

I have some pretty intense pain about 3 inches above each ankle (shin area.)  However, it's mostly concentrated on the inside of the legs and is only present when there's force applied such as being grabbed or sat on by my toddler.  I can grab the shins right now and I'll feel some slight pain without putting too much pressure on it.  I do not excerise much or play sports often although I did in both in spades up to about 10 years ago.  I'm 35 years old btw and I'm a professional video editor which often means sitting for long periods of time.  Any guess as to what my issue may be?

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Sounds like shin splints! Apply a heat pack to the area. Shin splints are often caused by extremely tight muscles, and digging right in can potentially cause more harm than good. By warming up the muscles, you not only reduce the work required to get into the deep muscles, you also start right off with pain reduction. When warming up and using massage for shin splints, don't forget the posterior leg, as it plays a large role in anterior leg pain. Tight calves can increase stress on the front of the leg, so make sure that your heat pack wraps around the entire lower leg.
When massaging shin splints, start with the back of the leg, as it helps to relieve the pressure on the anterior leg and improves circulation to the front of the leg which will increase the benefits of massage.
Gently kneed the calf muscles, always working from heel to knee, or towards the heart. Once warm, use cross-fiber friction, working with both hands as you move up the leg. Finally, use the heel of your hand to apply direct pressure to the width of the calf, holding each location for 2 or 3 seconds and then moving inch by inch up the leg. Ask your wife to help doing this.
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