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Pain in shins, will I get used to it?

I have recently moved from an environment which didn't really have slopes or mountains to one that does. After slowly walking uphills for not even 1km my shins start to hurt, a lot. It goes away if I sit down for a minute or 5 to 10.

Some background information, I am 21 years old, 2.00m tall and 110kg. During the past few months I haven't been working out too much due to work and moving.

Will I get used to the walking, should I buy new shoes or something? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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I suggest seeing your doctor first! If you have flat feet that could also be a problem that causes shin splints.
As I said see your Dr. first to get a diagnosis! If it is shin splints then after treatment is completed then start a
strength-training program for the lower legs. That will help to take pressure off of the soft tissues.
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If you're hiking on mountain trails, and you don't say if you are, hiking boots are made for that.  Today's light-weight hiking boots are really running shoes inside a firm support shoe for the bends and creases of mountain hiking.  Aside from that, if you don't have shin splits -- if you do, you have to deal with that before doing anything else -- are you stretching at all?  You might be very tight, which makes it harder to do new things.  The other thing about mountain hiking is, when people are new to that they usually work their mileage up slowly before tackling long hikes.  Jogging can help with this.  So can sports like basketball and football and soccer, as they get you're legs used to moving for a long time in difficult conditions.  At the gym, the treadmills should elevate so you can slowly break yourself in to this new activity -- again, assuming you don't have shin splits, which usually come from running on hard surfaces.  And yes, if you have old shoes, they will hurt you.  If you go to an outdoor store, look at the running shoes they sell for mountains -- they're light, but much more supportive than regular running shoes.  
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